by Willie Ammons
Digital Marketing Expert and Website Designer





Websites: DIY or Professional?

A lot of folks start a business every day, and with it comes a website. Some people choose a reputable company to build their website. Others try the “Do It Yourself” approach. No matter the route you decide, there are three key items to be successful.



Contact Number


The first key your website needs is a contact number. This is paramount, especially if your business is a phone-driven business. Take for instance, a towing company. If you are on the side of the road, you are not filling out a form to “Request a quote”. You want a tow truck. But if you search, click on the website, and can’t find a number…You are going to another website. This is true of your customers as well. If you need your phone to ring for your business, you better give them a number to dial.






The second key is a “Call to Action” (CTA). CTA is just a fancy way of saying that you need to tell your customers what you would like them to do. If you would like them to call you, then make sure that your number is prominent. Adding the words “Click to Call Now” underneath is a great way of telling them the action you would like them to do.


If you prefer to receive requests for a quote, make that form prominent on the home page. Ask them to fill it out. Use key words like “Free” and “Instant” to boost conversion. Offer a free “Bonus” with a each quote. Your CTA should be obvious. If your customer can’t find it within a few seconds, they will most likely go somewhere else.




The third key is testimonials from genuine customers. Ask your best customers to write one. Dimensional Research indicates onn average, 90% of respondents recalled positive reviews as one of the primary reasons that they purchased a product or service.


Testimonials are key for first time customers. They don’t know you from Adam, and they are absolutely skeptical. Give them good reason to relax with some well written reviews, right on your home page. This will absolutely boost your conversion. A link to your Google Reviews won’t hurt either!



DIY or Professional—Double check

There you have it. These three things are a great start for a successful website. If you are using a professional website designer, check the list of deliverables to be sure they are included. If you are doing it yourself, double check your design to make sure they are featured prominently.




Willie Ammons is a former United States Marine and the Founder/Owner of Local Reach Consulting. He lives in Sherrills Ford with his wife Megan, and his two boys Willie and Liam. Local Reach Consulting is a digital marketing agency that helps business owners generate “MORE business, for YOUR business” through website design, search engine optimization, and lead generation.