Color: Where Do I Start to Use Color in my Life and Home?

Margi Kyle

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By Margi Kyle
Executive Director for We Make Color Easy – The Dewey Color System




We have talked about Color and Personality, Color Language and now it is time to get down to business and talk Color.


Where do you start and stop?

Why am I so terrified of color? What if I don’t like it or my friends don’t like it? What if — we can come up with 100 different reasons why we don’t put color in our lives and homes. We are terrified of it and I am trying to help you overcome that fear.



3 Starting points:

  1. I already have a color. Could be from an area rug, picture or fabric. Or just the fact you love blue. It is a great start.
  2. I love this color red but don’t know where and how to use it?
  3. I am starting from scratch and not sure what I want. It’s important to know your favorite to least favorite colors. 1-4 = colors in areas where you want to feel your best. 5-8 = colors where you can use anywhere. They are your centering colors. 9-12 = colors you use in rooms where you need to focus. Great for offices and workout rooms.


You are terrified of color because you don’t understand how to use it and how it will make you feel

Start with the one room that is bugging you the most and stay with it until it is finished. By finished I mean painted or papered, accessories and lighting done. Windows are always done last.


Design Dilemma’s

I will be offering a Q & A once a month so send me your DESIGN DILEMMA’S. Either a question or pictures. Let’s have some fun making your house a home. I have never worried about what my friends think — I have not asked them to pay for anything. They don’t live with me and I don’t say how I feel about their homes.


Decorate for you and your family

Your colors and styles will change about every 7 years. This isn’t a life sentence — just where you are in your life’s journey for the next few years.


My husband and I never agree

I sometimes hear from couples: “My Husband and I never agree on a color we both like!” Dewey found this study from Dr. Michael McIntyre from the University of Tennessee. There were only slight differences in the favorite and least favorite colors of men and women.



Favorite colors are not the problem

After learning and teaching the Dewey Color System for many years, that is not the problem. The problem stems from the wife saying she is not sure if it will work and you men don’t like paying for uncertainty. Help is on its way and please take advantage of my once a month Q & A.


The next few weeks will be on describing color blends, color combinations and just using the Achromatic colors of Black-Brown and white. A very dramatic or soft use of the lack of Color. They are in the Achromatic category because they are not in the achromatic spectrum. It’s a beautiful solution for many who really don’t want color in their space.


Photo courtesy of Deborah Young Studio


For over 45 years, Margi Kyle, “The Color Doctor”, has built an astounding portfolio from the ever-important ‘Designer’s perspective’. Never idle, this Professional Interior Designer has contributed to this industry as an Interior Designer, Television Host, Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Educator, and Writer.  Margi has Taught Interior Design of over 45 years and is the executive director for We Make Color Easy, The Dewey Color System.  As well as one of the  founders of a new E-Mentoring Co-op Company called






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