June 9, 2020 – Business Strategies – Moving Forward – Video – LKNConnect

Moving forward with LKNConnect’s Marketplace

eCommerce store

Visit LKNConnect’s Marketplace. We bring local to life with eCommerce stores featuring local products and services from the Lake Norman area. Whether your business is large or small, you can get online quickly and easily. With just a few hours of setup and training, you have complete control over your inventory.

Online shopping

Your eCommerce store is open 24/7. Online shopping is becoming the way to purchase products and services. Over 91% of American shoppers now shop online. The COVID-19 restrictions have made online shopping  the catalyst for an already growing market. An online eCommerce store will also insulate your business from future shutdowns or setbacks that include little or no walk-in traffic.   LKNConnect refers to going online as “Future Proofing” your business.

Social media

The Marketplace is featured in extensive social media promotion starting with a Facebook reach of 20,000 to 30,000. LKNConnect features our selected articles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Professional Perks

Businesses who sign-up for the free trial offer (see below) receive access to our professional perks program. This program offers discounts on car leasing, hotels, travel, office supplies, and much more.

Promo photography and video

LKNConnect believes it’s important to develop lasting relationships with members of the community. Each of our store owners receives a complimentary video interview where their products/services/mission are featured. This video is yours to share on your Facebook page or other social media. LKNConnect has also partnered with LKN Images to photograph you and your employees (Out Front) for you to use in your promotions.

LKNConnect’s Free Offer

LKNConnect is offering a complete turnkey eCommerce store to you and your business for no out-of-pocket expenses. There are no lease fees or set-up fees for three months. It’s a chance for you to start your online business with no financial risks. LKNConnect will also promote your store as a member of the marketplace throughout our social media network. If you would like more information about how to “go online”  contact David Beard at DBeard@LKNConnect.com


Take a tour of the Marketplace with LKNConnect’s Chief Operating Officer David Beard



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