Tea, a leisurely lunch, and dessert …

At the French Market Café and Gourmet Shop in Shops on the Green in Cornelius is delightful. It’s quaint, cozy and just the perfect place to sit down with a friend and chat over a leisurely meal!

Make reservations

My friend Jo Ames (international photographer) and I were lucky because we walked in and there was a table available. However, the lovely ladies that run the shop do recommend that you make a reservation — especially for one of their tea events.

Marvelous tea selection

I confess!

I adore tea. I’ve been a tea drinker for most of my life — I know the difference between black, green, white, and red teas. It is rare to find a restaurant in our area that has more than “just the usual” selection.

French Market has an extensive selection and for tea novices and connoisseurs alike, there are excellent descriptions so you can choose your favorite or something new!

Just one of their extensive selection of teas. It was exactly as described and tasted delicious!

Tea served properly

In a warmed teapot with the loose tea leaves in an infuser in the pot and another pretty decorative strainer to pour the tea through to catch any extraneous tea leaves..

Tea cups that hold a drinkable amount so you can prepare your tea exactly thhe way you like it! My friend Jo drinks her tea the British way with milk! I like mine plain.

Let’s talk about the food …

Whether you go for “high tea” or lunch, the food is delicious!

Quiche Lorraine, pasta salad, baquette with butter. Even the fruit garnish is as tasty as it looks!
My friend Jo!
BLT croissant with cous cous salad. Light, flaky croissant with crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato and just the right amount of mayo!
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Not an option, you MUST have dessert!

The dessert menu changes often and we picked off the specials rather than the menu. Beautiful, tempting, and beyond scrumptious, the desserts we ate were an extraordinary treat.

Forgive me, I’ve forgotten the name of this marvelous strawberry, custard, raspberry parfait. Each mouthful was a burst of flavor and creaminess.
This Sfogliatelle was the ultimate example of this buttery, layered pastry. The inside was filled with orange, almond marscapone cream. AMAZING!

Upcoming events — Don’t forget to make your reservation!

Kentucky Derby and Mother’s Day Tea Party are this weekend!
Celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubliee with afternoon high tea.

Chocolates and other yummy items

They have a lovely selection of truffles, teas, jams, sauces, etc. for you to bring home.

For more information – Bon Appétit!

Click here to view their hours, location, and links to their website.

Review and photos by Ellen Stafford
Ellen Stafford

Ellen H Stafford is the managing editor for LKNConnectCommunity.com. Making and eating delicious food is one of her favorite pastimes! She also loves great conversation with family and friends.

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