My Personal Health Journey – Part 4

After testing positive for Hydrogen SIBO, I began seeing a functional nutritionist. I completed a GI mapping study showing the specific strains of bacteria overgrown in my small intestine. At this point, certain foods were causing me to have histamine reactions. Based on my symptoms, the nutritionist placed me on a low FODMAP, low histamine, specific carbohydrate diet. The list of foods I could eat on this diet was very minimal. Additionally, I was given an oregano oil supplement to kill off the pathogenic bacteria in my small intestine. Unfortunately, my symptoms did not improve after completion of the diet and oregano oil supplements. 

I found a local functional doctor who had helped many clients uncover the root cause of their health issues. After a lengthy background discussion and extensive testing, my body was clearly in dysfunction. My test results showed high inflammation, high oxidative stress, slight thyroid dysfunction, blood sugar dysfunction, and an H. pylori infection that did not show up in my previous GI mapping study. Ultimately, I was diagnosed with cardiovascular risk, dysglycemia, nutrient insufficiencies, and gut dysbiosis. I was placed on a three-month treatment plan to bring my body back into balance and lower my inflammation and oxidative stress.

After three months, I completed the extensive testing again and compared the updated results to the original results. All results looked great, with the exception of the H.pylori count. My nutrients were replenished, my thyroid was functioning properly, and my inflammation and oxidative stress were drastically reduced. My symptoms had improved, but I was still having histamine-related issues with food due to the ongoing H. pylori infection. In doing my own research, I found that mastic gum could potentially eradicate H. pylori. I purchased mastic gum supplements and began taking them. After several weeks of taking mastic gum, I started feeling better and attempted to reintroduce high-histamine foods into my diet to see what would happen. I was finally reaction-free! The power of functional medicine and doing my own research helped me to start feeling normal once again.

Stay tuned for the last part of my personal health journey where I summarize my journey and provide an update on where I am now!

Amanda Taylor - Serenity Now -Massage Therapy
Amanda Taylor – Serenity Now -Massage Therapy

Amanda Taylor has been a resident of the Lake Norman area since 2001. She graduated from Guilford College in Greensboro with a B.S. in Biology and Health Sciences. After college, Amanda worked for a local nutraceutical/pharmaceutical company as a Chemist, Validation Specialist, and Engineer. After ten years of climbing the corporate ladder, Amanda and her husband, Justin, decided to leave corporate life behind and become local business owners. Amanda is currently the owner of Serenity Now Massage Therapy and a co-owner of Waves Entertainment. Amanda has had an interest in holistic health for many years, but this passion increased after dealing with her own health issues which came to a head at the beginning of 2023. Amanda is a current student in the Health Coaching program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is excited to discuss the importance of focusing on health and wellness in an effort to help others lead a long, joy-filled, high-quality life.