Over the years I have repeatedly practiced the beer pour, perfecting the optimum ratio of beer to collar (the foam on top of a beer). Honestly, my kids know when I have poured wrong because I have practiced so much. Why is the pour so important? Pouring beer into a glass helps release aromas that you might not get without a collar.

Here are the steps to obtain a perfect pour:

  1. Start with a clean glass.
  2. Tilt glass at a 45-degree angle and pour beer aiming half way down the inside of the glass so the beer hits the glass and pours down the side.
  3. When glass is about half full, turn it to a 90-degree angle and pour the beer down the very center of the glass. Viola! (Side note. Some beers in bottles have a small layer of yeast at the base of the bottle. While pouring, slow down towards the end of your pour so you don’t pour the dregs into your glass. Some people like the flavor of this yeast; however, it usually isn’t recommended.)

What is the right amount of beer collar? This can vary by styles, but a good standard is 1” to 1-1/2” inches of foam. I have found that if my collar is getting over zealous, I slow down my pour in step 3.



If I’m seeing too small of a collar, I add some air space between the bottle and the glass and increase speed of pour to allow the beer to release more gas.



This perfect pour will come with time. Be patient with yourself. You will find that creating the proper amount of collar on your beer will increase your drinking enjoyment.