Expanding Opportunities for all Local Businesses, Restaurants and Non Profit Organizations in Lake Norman.

LKNConnect is pleased to announce a new partnership with Neighborhood TV. The two companies will offer a complete coverage of community activities, business events and special occasions for the Lake Norman Area.


Shop Local – Dine Local – Support Local
Bringing Local to Life

LKNConnect has been working to support all things local in Lake Norman since 2018. Our outreach has grown to over 100,000 monthly viewers.

The mission of LKNConnect is to connect local businesses with the Lake Norman Community. The objective is to support local businesses, restaurants & taverns by developing a lasting relationship between the businesses and the local community. LKNConnect strongly believes that supporting local businesses & organizations helps build a stronger community.

To “connect” the local businesses with the Lake Norman Community, LKNConnect has developed an online magazine that features activities, events and “life in general” for the Lake Norman Community. There are literally 100’s of articles on the website that address life and living in Lake Norman. also features & introduces local businesses and their owners to the community by sharing their stories (what the business does and the background of the owners). To learn more about a particular local business – visit

Lastly, LKNConnect has developed the most comprehensive list of activities and events happening in the Lake Norman Area.  The “Weekly Planner” and “This Weekend” are two popular features on the website.

Looking for Something to Do in Lake Norman
Looking for Something to Do in Lake Norman

LKNConnect and Neighborhood TV have been working together, informally, for over 6 months. Several of our local businesses and organizations have been featured by Neighborhood TV.  The relationship has been rewarding.

When Dr. Douglas Fitzgerald, Founder and CEO of LKNConnect, met with Rob Russo, Director of Marketing for Neighborhood TV, the positive chemistry was immediate. Fitzgerald says “the positive & creative ideas started pouring out. “It was one of those moments when you know you’ve got a very creative person on the other side of the table and the brain storming becomes magic.

Rob suggested a meeting with  Greg McCastle, Head of Revenue Development for Neighborhood TV.  After some lengthy exchanges,  the three men decided it would be in the interest of both companies to pursue a partnership. Fitzgerald says “The Partnership has the potential to feature, highlight and strengthen our local businesses within the Lake Norman Community, and at the same time, creating a captivating outlet for neighborhood news & events. We’re excited about the opportunity to promote Local – Local – Local.”

Neighborhood TV is a source for news and entertainment, sports and lifestyle stories that come from the neighborhoods where people live. Neighborhood  TV covers the things people do, the places they go and the news they care most about.

Neighborhood TV is really local news for your neighborhood. NTV is available online at and through their app on the Apple and Android platforms. Their app is also available on  smart TV via Roku, Samsung, and LG. Type in Neighborhood TV on your smart TV search page to find them. They are also distributed by the following FAST platforms and apps: Local Now, Streamium, and DistroTV.

All the Neighborhood TV Videos that relate to Lake Norman can be seen streaming on 24/7. We suggest you tune in often to stay abreast of the happenings in the area. Members of the Lake Norman Community can also find guides for shopping, dining, entertainment and living in Lake Norman at:

Together, LKNConnect and Neighborhood TV will offer full coverage  of local events, special occasions,  entertainment and the arts for the Lake Norman area.  The benefits will be MANY……We’re excited about the partnership because of what it brings to Lake Norman Businesses.

Lake Norman Businesses and Organizations (Retail Stores, Restaurants, Breweries, Taverns and Not-for-Profit Organizations) wanting more information about how this partnership can help promote you in the Lake Norman Community – call 215-896-8855