Davidson Ice House — Quick and Agile

On Tuesday, April 7th, a friend of Chef Jen Brule’s suggested, “What if you sold staples? Groceries out of the Ice House?” On Wednesday, she placed her first order. On Friday, she was selling high quality meats and groceries on her website for pickup or delivery.


“As one small business, I can move very quickly and agile. Bigger multi-unit restaurants — it’s harder for them.”
— Chef Jen Brule, Davidson Ice House



The New Ice Box Pantry

People are worried about going to the grocery store — they’ve been told to stay away from any gatherings. With the new Ice Box Pantry, customers can order and pay online. Then it’s either porch side pick up, pop it in the back of their car, or they can deliver. There’s a $5 charge for delivery.


“I wanted to have them have the best, get it safely and not break the bank.”
— Chef Jen Brule


One of the steaks you can buy from the Ice Box Pantry




Offering items that are better quality than the grocery store

“Our steaks are prime, the eggs are free range, the bacon is Nueske’s — amazing applewood smoked bacon, European butter — higher fat content, creamier and silkier, and good quality staples like rice and pasta,” says Chef Brulé.





Yes, you can easily bake your own chocolate chip cookies

Chef Brule offers little scoops of frozen chocolate chip cookie dough, both regular and gluten-free. Pop them on a cookie sheet — in 11 minutes you have fresh, hot cookies.


A selection of grocery items for baking


Need bread making supplies?

They sell unbleached Bob’s Red Mill AP Organic White Flour and Yeast. The yeast is sold in a small plastic tub of 6 teaspoons, the equivalent of 3 yeast packets at the grocery store.



Individually wrapped toilet paper is for sale




Yes, they sell toilet paper

As a restaurant with a food vendor, Chef Brulé can buy cases of toilet paper (96 rolls to the case/individually wrapped). She sells them for $1.50 a roll with a limit of 4 rolls.






In addition to beer, they also offer 6 red wines and 6 white wines

Everything to make a great dinner at home including the wine or beer

They have a great selection of wines (6 white, 6 red, by the bottle). The beer selection includes: D9 Swell Rider (can), Pabst Blue Ribbon (bottle) and Yuengling (bottle).




The first day

Friday, the 10th, was the first day. Chef Brulé, was thrilled, “It went great. Our bacon comes in a 20 pound slab. When I left work at 6 pm, we only had 3 pounds left!” The big sellers on day one were eggs, bacon, steaks, and cookies. After a couple of days, the popular items are yeast and flour, ground beef, chicken breast and toilet paper. People comment that they appreciate the convenience of the new online store.


How does it work?

Customers order and pay online at the Ice Box Pantry at DavidsonIceHouse.com during business hours which are: 11am to 7pm, Mon. – Fri. and 12pm to  7pm Sat. Most Sundays (not holidays) it’s 1pm to 4pm. Customers choose their pickup or delivery time.


Ground beef is a popular item in the Ice Box Pantry

Out of stock?

Chef Brulé plans on the items remaining consistent. Out of stock items are indicated on the website. They will be replenished weekly.


How do you see your business going forward?


“Without question, it will be different than what it was before this craziness. But what shape that will take, I don’t know. Everything is so fluid and I’m just trying to adapt.”
— Chef Jen Brulé



Always something new

On Friday, April 17th — All different cuts of frozen Sun Raised Lamb by Sun Raised Foods will be added to the Ice Box Pantry. There will also be two kinds of gluten-free cauliflower crust pizza: margarita with pesto (vegetarian) and classic pepperoni.


Images courtesy of Davidson Ice House


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