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Meet Clay!

Clay is a 4-year-old Staffordshire terrier. Clay is a special boy that has lots of love to give. He is very energetic and playful, and he loves people. He loves to go for walks and play fetch. While Clay gets along with all the people, he doesn’t always get along with his canine companions. Clay just gets too excited to handle them! Clay is ready to find his forever home and will make a great companion. Come by and meet this hunk!

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About Lincoln County Animal Services

Lincoln County Animal Services is committed to saving the lives of as many animals as possible, while having a lasting positive effect on the people and animals in our community. Our goal is to maintain a live release rate of 90% and above for all the animals that come into our care. We are responsible for all Animal Sheltering and Animal Control activities in Lincoln County.

In June 2017 we officially achieved No Kill status:

LCAS Reaches No Kill Goal

To achieve and maintain our No Kill status, Animal Services currently offers the following:

  • An Adoption Program
  • Special Adoption Events
  • Medical and Behavioral Prevention and Rehabilitation Programs
  • Pet Retention and Rehoming Services
  • Foster Care Program
  • Volunteer Program
  • Community Cat/TNR Program
  • Rescue Partnerships
  • Proactive Animal Control Services
  • Public Education and Outreach
  • Lost and Found Animal Services
  • And more!

Our success is directly related to the commitment and involvement of every individual and organization involved with animals in our community!










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