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Sharing an Entrée at Prosciutto’s Pizzeria & Pub

What’s this article all about?

As mentioned, in earlier articles offering Affordable Dining Tips, my wife and I love to find great places to eat, without breaking the budget. Let me tell you about our recent trip to Prosciutto’s Pizzeria & Pub. Even though they have the motto- “Friends don’t let friends eat chain pizza” they also have many other offerings. They are located at the Shops on the Green, 20920 Torrence Chapel Road Suite 8B, Cornelius, NC 28031

Restaurant Reviews – Sharing an Entrée’

I have noticed a couple of things about restaurants. One, the prices seem to be on the rise. Second, I notice that I, along with many others, gets a “doggy bag” because we can’t finish the entire meal. This dilemma allows us to take advantage of the next Affordable Dining Tip. Sharing an Entrée.

Sharing an entrée.

Last week Karen and I joined a group of friends at Prosciutto’s Pizzeria & Pub for dinner. We have been there often and enjoy several different dishes they offer. These include:

Specialty and Traditional Pasta




For their full Menu click on the link: Prosciutto’s Pizzeria, Pub & Restaurant Menu – Checkle

On this visit we decided to split an entrée. Prior to the meal, I ordered a House Pinot Grigio and Karen decided to have water/lemon. For dinner Karen wanted a Caeser Salad and we split the Baked Ziti.

We were with a group of friends that ordered pizzas.

How about the servings?

I had more than enough food and Karen could not finish her portion of the meal. You can see from the photo above, Proscuitto’s portion are generous.

Do they offer other specials?

When checking out, the hostess told me to come back on other days that offer other specials. They offer 10 wings for $8.00 on Monday and Tuesday nights. Also, they have 1/2 priced bottles of wine on Monday and Saturday nights.

So, what was the amount of the bill?

Our total bill, minus the tip, ended up at $27.05. Not bad for a night out with friends.


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