What is LKNConnect.com?

LKNConnect.com is a website designed to support local businesses in the Lake Norman area. At LKN Connect® our goal is to help engage the community. We support local businesses and leaders with powerful connections and unique growth opportunities.  We want to inspire our subscribers to celebrate everyday life. We bring local to life with a daily dose of the best ways to embrace living in Lake Norman. 

Our mission is to help inspire people to be active in LKN while supporting local businesses, non-profits, and organizations with the tools they need to expand. We built directories that feature places to dine, shop, find events, read restaurant revies, etc.

What you will notice is the CONNECT TO THIS LOCAL BUSINESS button. Having this link allows their customers to go directly to their Landing Page. (More on the Landing Page later)

In regard to the, CONNECT TO THIS LOCAL BUSINESS button, we are talking about our Community Connect Program. This is one of the most cost-effective programs offered to businesses in the Lake Norman area. This is a must needed tool for promoting and advertising a business.

How do the LKNConnect.com directories benefit my business?

We have built directories that include hundreds of local businesses in the Lake Norman area. These directories can be viewed at www.Lknconnect.com and be used to find places to Eat, Drink and Play, and Shop around the lake. When searching these directories, Lake Norman residents will notice that there are some businesses that are considered a Featured Business.

Why does this matter to business owners?

Becoming a Featured Business, in our directories, allows your customers to take the next step and navigate directly to a unique, specifically designed Landing Page, for your business. This is important because the person conducting the search does not have to view your various sites using sperate browsers. From that Landing Page, they will be able to be directed to your Website, Instagram, Facebook page, etc. with one click.

Let’s look at another Landing Page on the LKNConnect.com site.

We share your Business Landing Page with over one hundred thousand people. As a bonus, once your Landing Page has been developed, you will have the option to share your page with all your Social Media outlets, anytime you want. All with the click of a button.

Does the LKNConnect.com site have much traffic?

Using our website, as well as other Social Media outlets we know that we reach thousands of Lake Norman residents daily.

All this sounds expensive.

Not at all. Becoming a Featured Business and having a Landing Page, on our site, will set you apart from your competition. The cost for the basic service is less than $2.00 per day.  

Let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits for the Landing Page, also known as the Community Connect Program.


LKNConnect has designed a Business Landing Page (Community Connect Landing Page) to focus on you and your business. Each page is custom designed to best tell your business story. The Community Connect Page is the point of reference for all the Business enhance products and programs.

You will receive a Launch Program that shares your new landing page with the Lake Norman Community.

The Community Connect Program includes the following.

  •  Landing Page – Development and Maintenance (Required)
  • Three Connect Buttons                                                          
    • Connect to your Website.
    • Connect to your Facebook Page                                                      
    • Connect to Event/Special Event Calendar                          
  • Unlimited social media (Ask for Details)                        
  • Use of LKNConnect’s Three Facebook Pages                       
    A.  LKNConnect – for approved articles
    B.  Eat-Drink-Play Lake Norman – for Food – Beverage or Entertainment
    C.  LKNConnect: Shop Local – for Home Services & Retail Businesses Advertising/Promotion
  • Two General Category Social Media Promotions Per Month    

To discuss, contact Doug Fitzgerald at Dfitzgerald@lknconnect.com. This Community Connect Program is our basic program. We have many other support programs for you to consider.