One of the things that increased because of COVID is alcohol consumption. I actually recall seeing a line out the door and around the block at my local ABC Spirits in the early shutdown days. We’re still stressed and that causes us to look for outlets. Some of those not as constructive as others. I know more about whiskeys than I care to admit now. Even though some potentially destructive habits emerged outdoor activity also increased. It all boils down to this:  you as a business owner need an outlet.


Self-care is an important element of your business

It doesn’t necessarily need have to be an outdoor activity, but many successful business owners all tout the importance of self-care. That includes balanced eating and regular exercise. Brian Chesky, of Airbnb, was no different. Dealing with the enormous stresses he had, Chesky bought a bike and began riding. He also did his work outdoors at times.


Sage Business Advice

When I first moved here and was dealing with the pushback from trying to establish my brands in a new market, I was beyond stressed. My relief at first was gummy candy (ok, it still is now too, don’t judge me). I was talking to a close friend about it and he said plainly, “You gotta get a hobby.” He was absolutely right. I love tennis and decided to play more. Anything I could take my anger out on, absolutely smashing those tennis ball, relieved so much stress I went back to work with vigor and determination.

In the same way, your mind and the stresses you deal with need an outlet. It doesn’t have to be outdoor or exercise related, but something that you enjoy and allows you to fully take your mind off the issues you’re dealing with. When your stress is released you can refocus and be productive in what you need to do as the owner of a growing brand.


Release and Refocus

With these practices and changes in place though Airbnb suffered devasting losses they’re still moving toward launching their IPO. That’s not something a company that doesn’t think it’s going to survive would still do. Stay optimistic and believe your brand will survive this and continue to grow. It’s your resiliency as the captain of the ship that will win the day. Until next time I wish you much success growing your amazing brand.



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Adapted from Preetika Rana, Maureen Farrell. “How Airbnb Pulled Back From the Brink.” The Wall Street Journal, October 12, 2020.


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