Your brand is your first impression   

When another person, a potential client, comes into contact with anything to do with you, your business, and your brand, feelings and emotions are evoked.

It’s everything that is client-facing: you, the way you look and sound, your online presence, your website, your social media — even any collaborations you may have. Get your brand right, and your ideal client will flock to you. Get it wrong, and you risk attracting the wrong clients, repelling ideal clients, and ultimately losing business.

Clients love a strong brand. It provides a clear message about you and your business, who you are, and what you do. A strong brand clearly lays out what problem you solve for your ideal client. A strong brand has masses of personality… your personality.


7 tips to boost your brand strength and presence


1.       Get specific

Get specific on everything — on your ideal client, your business values, and your brand vision. Being specific on targets and your aims will help you focus on what you want to achieve and how to achieve it. Be as specific as possible. Bear in mind that if you specialize in something, talking about it will ensure that your clients understand that you truly know what you are talking about.

2.       Be consistent

It’s important to ensure that both your on- and off-line presences are consistent. Use the same tones, feelings, language, and fonts in person, in your videos, social media, website, and emails.  Use the same photo and bio across all your profiles so that people instantly recognize you. Showing up regularly and consistently and remaining active on social media, in emails, and in person will show that you are trustworthy and reliable.

3.       Infuse your personality

Show you and your personality, and always be authentic. People want to know the real you. Speak like you, with language you would normally use in all your communications.

4.       Employ attraction marketing

Create and/or share content that is valuable, interesting, useful, and engaging to your ideal client. Find industry-related websites and newsletters that you can contribute to. This will not only spread the word about what you have to offer, but also will showcase your knowledge on a particular topic.  You do not need to post full articles; simple paragraphs or snippets of information are enough.  Repurpose your content, and use it across all of your media platforms.

Use video and lives to grow your brand and your business awareness. There is nothing more powerful right now than going live on a regular basis.

5.       Engage

Networking is a crucial part of growing your brand. Whether you participate in discussions on forums, get involved with online groups, or attend networking events (when possible), you will be showing people that you are out there, interested, and engaged. The more you connect with people in an authentic way, the more likely they are to recommend you to others.

6.       Speak at events

If you feel confident enough to speak in front of an audience, keep an eye out for speaking engagement opportunities in your area. Speaking at events will help you build a rapport with your audience and give you the opportunity to network, too. Be sure to have a professional headshot and branded photos to send along with your bio and that your website is looking good before sending traffic there.



LKNConnect would love to hear from you. Let us know which tip is your favorite!


Photos courtesy of Jo Ames

Jo Ames

I’m Jo, an international photographer, working in Europe and the USA, with over 12 years of experience. I have always been passionate about photography, since the age of 5 when I picked up a camera to capture an amazing sunset. I moved to Cornelius 6 years ago and I’m loving life here. I love to empower my clients by freeing up their time and creating more confidence in themselves through the creation of on-brand, tailored images that truly represent their brand.  “I’m all about You.”




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