It’s quite easy to get wrapped up in getting good results for your clients when you first start a business. Unfortunately, this often means entrepreneurs let aspects such as their brand fall by the wayside.

In order for customers to want to do business with you and recommend you to others, they need to feel connected to you. They need to be able to get to know you. They need to build that essential know, like, and trust, which is where personal branding comes in.

Once you have started to work on your brand, to ensure it thrives, here are some common mistakes to avoid.



Mistake 1: Hiding behind a logo or slogan

In order for people to want to do business with you, you need to show them who you are. Show them your personality and be the face of your brand.

In an age where consumers are bombarded with advertising, entrepreneurs need to give people a reason to trust them. Here are some things you can do to gain people’s trust, attract your ideal client, and grow your business, your way, with confidence:

  • Have professional images of you working with clients
  • Have professional images of you doing things you love to do
  • Have amazing headshots, all of which are unique to you and your business.




Mistake 2: Not building your network

To grow your personal brand, you are going to need to keep making connections and nurturing your relationships with customers. The internet makes it easy to avoid face-to-face interactions, but they are still important in order to create genuine connections. During these more limited times, consider joining some local, virtual networking groups, or look for like-minded businesses that you can collaborate with.




Mistake 3: Failing to share your story

People need to be able to relate to and trust you. If you want to grow your personal brand, you need to be willing to share your story. Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool and one that can be used in a multitude of ways on many different platforms. A book I wholeheartedly recommend is Stories that Stick, by Kindra Hall.





Mistake 4: Being inconsistent

Your brand needs to be prominent and consistent if you truly want to make an impact. Be where your audience is and make sure they are hearing from you on a regular basis.

Consistency is another way to build trust, which is crucial to the success of any business. Being consistent also gives you the chance to get to your customers before your competitors do. Create a marketing plan for your social media posts and stick to it.



Mistake 5: Failing to grow your online presence

It’s no secret that we live in a world of technology and instant gratification.

Customers can find almost any information they want within a matter of minutes. If you want your personal brand to grow this year, it’s important for you to show them your vision and unique brand values. Create a digital footprint that will ensure more people are finding you online more often. It’s also a good idea to review which platforms you are currently present on and whether you are missing out on any key opportunities.

If you want to become known for your expertise, you need to consistently work on your personal brand.





Photos courtesy of Jo Ames.

Jo Ames

I’m Jo, an international photographer, working in Europe and the USA, with over 12 years of experience. I have always been passionate about photography, since the age of 5 when I picked up a camera to capture an amazing sunset. I moved to Cornelius 6 years ago and I’m loving life here. I love to empower my clients by freeing up their time and creating more confidence in themselves through the creation of on-brand, tailored images that truly represent their brand.  “I’m all about You.”




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