The world of marketing and advertising is changing quickly

Not too long ago, all a business had to do was list themselves in the phone book, take out an ad in the paper, buy a billboard, or start running an ad on television and customers would come for miles and line up around the block.

Then phone books and newspapers went away. Billboards and television ads are great, but they’re pricey and there’s just so much competition these days. Are your customers driving past your billboard? Are they watching the stations where you’re advertising — at the time you’re advertising?

You’ve got a brick and mortar store and yet you hear everyone talking about digital marketing, so what the heck is it? Do you even need it?


Your best salesperson 24/7

Digital marketing is like putting your best salesperson directly in front of all of your customers as well as all of you potential customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It works to bring in customers for brick and mortar stores, but it can also complement your physical address with an online address capable of allowing your customers to shop when it’s convenient for them, not just at 2pm, but at 2am as well.


A great backup plan

On top of that, 2020 has shown us that it’s good to have a backup plan just in case your customers can’t make it to your doors. Unfortunately, competition from online shopping has probably gotten worse because people have become used to it out of necessity.


How do you change people’s habits to get them to buy from you?

You guessed it … digital marketing. Digital marketing has become extremely powerful in the past few years, but just having a website or a Facebook page for your business is no longer enough.

Digital marketing now reaches your customers (and potential customers) across multiple devices — from when they’re looking for you on their laptop, to when they’re scrolling social media on their phones. Everywhere they go online, outbound, or “disruptive” marketing techniques combined with inbound marketing will provide multiple “touch points”. These touch points will keep your business right at the front of their minds all the way until they either come to your store to buy or click a button while they sit on their sofa in their PJ’s — either way, you win.


One of the best returns on your investment

While this might all sound great, it might also sound intimidating or pricey. Digital marketing, just like the marketing and advertising of ten years ago, is an investment, but thankfully, it’s the only marketing left where you can invest $1 and get $10 in return.

LKNConnect and IronHeart are here to help with comprehensive “done for you” service packages and price points for every business. In the next article, we’ll talk about exactly what you can do to integrate digital marketing into your business and bring local to life.




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Derek Fitzgerald


Derek’s marketing agency, IronHeart Digital, provides online lead generation and sales solutions to help business owners grow their business, allowing them to focus on what they do best. He is the only cancer survivor and heart transplant recipient to complete a full IRONMAN distance race. As a motivational speaker, Derek uses what he’s learned to help people unlock their potential and change their lives. When not training or working, Derek can be found spending quality time with his family.