I do not know about you, but this year, Christmas feels different.

I looked at my dining room table and thought-BORING! Christmas is not happening at my house. At least not at this moment! As a designer, I love to put light, color, and accessories around to change the mood of the room. We moved last year in October and I got rid of most of the little things I didn’t think I would be able to use.


Missing those little touches

I was missing all the little things that mean so much during the Holiday Season. While on my walk, I passed The U-Nique Boutique store in Birkdale Village. They specialize in Christmas. I had purchased my red plaid plates and napkins last year from Pier One. I started with my red tablecloth and then silver chargers. Still, something was missing.


Christmas bulb in the glass, Santa, and a lighted giving hand.

Where was Santa?

What else could I find that was different and help create the Christmas theme? I found the perfect shaped bulbs to enhance my dishes. I love sparkle and red birds. Thinking to myself,-if I take the tops off and put battery operated twinkle lights in them — Christmas magicly sparkle appears. Light and color = ENERGY!


Next on the list

I then found plaid Christmas bulbs that could enrich my water glasses. Santa was my next find and finished off the table with color, light and the theme of Christmas. Candles are a must all year round. And they come in many shapes and forms. My hand tea light holders remind me to always put my hand out and help those in need. My center piece is tall and topped with twinkle lights and branches. It does not block the view of others at the table during dinner. My four carolers have been with me for years and bring such joy.


This is a hugely different year

We are feeling lost, frustrated and sometimes alone. Christmas is any color you love! I happen to love red. Christmas is easy for me. If you do not like red and want to introduce another color in your home in 2021. But are not sure if you really love it. Put it on your Christmas Tree.

Or on your dining room table and or in your bathrooms. Bows, bulbs, handmade crafts in the colors you are thinking about. Even with hand towels — soap and accessories. As far as lighting, I prefer white. It is pure and shows off all you have done. Live with the new color and take note of how it makes you feel.


A new column

I will be starting to write for LKNConnect twice a month in 2021. My first article will be on keeping the feeling of Christmas alive in your home all year round. The next will be a Q & A so start thinking about your questions and let The Designing Doctor help.





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Photo courtesy of Deborah Young Studio


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