Christmas is any color you love!

Typically, we think Christmas should be red and green with gold and silver sprinkled in. I love to tell my clients that is you are thinking about changing your color scheme – Christmas is a great time to do it. 

If green is truly not one of your favorite colors, try decorating a white Christmas Tree. Think about the colors you might like to see in your home and buy decorations in those colors. Pillows, tablecloths, Christmas balls or paint your old ones in the color you are thinking about using. Ribbon, wrapping paper, napkins, or anything else you can find in the colors you are thinking about.

Tree from The Home Depot

You maybe thinking of painting your living and Dining room in a soft Gold. A very soft look with the white tree and gold bulbs. Gold mean Play! Gold gives you the power to rediscover what gives you pleasure. Ignite your inner fire. Give yourself time to do what feels good. Play! Your new awereness of exciting people and situations will give you the power to dismiss and eventually discard your underirable thoughts and situations. For color meaning go back to to lifestyle and fine my past article on color meaning.

What if you don’t know what colors you want to decorate with?

Look at the colors below from the Color Wheel. List from #1- favorite to #12- least favorite.

From the Dewey Color System Write 1_12
List them in your color preference- Get your partner to do the same.


With the colors shown on the page, number them from 1 to 12. Number 1 is your favorite color that you would love to see anywhere in your home. Number 12 is your very least favorite color. Your first 4 colors are your favorite colors. Use these colors in rooms where you want to feel engaged and focused. They would also be the colors I would use on the Christmas tree and as accessories. 

Colors Numbered 5 to 8 are your centering colors. Use them where you want to create balance and create harmony. They are your best colors and can be used anywhere.

Colors 9 to 12 are your least favorite colors and should be used in rooms where you want to relax and wind down from a busy day. They help you focus on things you tend to avoid.

How often do your colors change and should they change?

I have always felt that they usually change about every 7 years or sooner. Are you changing and growing. So are your colors. It is fun to go back to your first home (and that can be an apartment, college dorm, or house) a space where you lived out of your parents’ home. Write down how you felt, how old you were, and where you lived. Continue up to today. You will find your colors matched where you were and how you were feeling. I hope they continue to change and meet you where you are today for tomorrow.

Christmas is the one time you can play with color and see how it makes you feel. Don’t listen to your friends. You live there and I have found once you know the colors you want to work with and why. Your partner will agree and join you. If Momma isn’t happy – no one is!

Not sure you know where you are in your color journey?

Have some fun this year and just play. Select colors that your eyes go to and bring you a good feeling. The color is only in your home for a few weeks and if at the end, you don’t like them. A decision has been made. Don’t over think color, it is a feeling and should make you feel happy. Yes as you grow, your colors change. Embrace change and grow yourself through color.

Questions — email me at I am here to help. Happy and Colorful Holiday Season.

Margi Kyle – The Designing Doctor
Article and designs by Margi Kyle, Managing Editor
Photo courtesy of Deborah Young Studio

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