COVID-19 has and will continue to pose unprecedented issues for our small businesses. Social distancing guidelines, while necessary, have created tremendous hardship for all industries. Business owners are left grappling with how to weather such an unpredictable event.


Technology can help

Technology will play an important role in sustaining ourselves through this pandemic. A number of employers have resorted to remote workforces. Others try to maintain in-office operations, still adhering to state and local guidelines for social distancing. In either scenario, technology is the key.

During this crisis, our Firm has adapted a healthy mix of remote access, as well as in-office operations. As an alternative to face-to-face meetings, we are encouraging communications via live chat, email, conference call, or video conferencing.


No and low-cost options

We found technology options, for little or no cost, that allow us to stay in communication with our clients. Some of those include Zoom®, Google Hangouts®, Skype®, Facebook Live®, and YouTube Live®.


Lake Norman area restaurants

Many of our small business clients include restaurateurs. Take-out and curbside delivery will become the new norm. Patronize these establishments to ensure they come out viable on the other side of this crisis.

Visit Lake Norman has compiled a list of ALL restaurants in Cornelius, Davidson, and Huntersville – their hours of operation and whether they have curbside dining, takeout, delivery, and any specials. Click on the Visit Lake Norman Link for this List.


Help is on the way

The coronavirus is causing financial difficulties for all of us. While we patiently await confirmation on exactly what the government relief packages might include, we thought it might be helpful to know what type of help is on the way.

  • Disaster assistance loans from the SBA – low interest loans for up to $2 million for businesses that have sustained “substantial economic injury”
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce has made the following recommendations to the Administration and Congress:
    • Enacting legislation to cancel payment of payroll taxes paid by employers for 90 days
    • Enacting legislation expanding and streamlining loan programs for small businesses


We know Lake Norman area businesses are resourceful and resilient. It is time for us to embrace our entrepreneurial nature once again as we weather this storm together.



Bob McIntosh, President & Attorney
The McIntosh Firm, P.C.