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Cloud Storage – Have You Forgotten What You Stored in the Cloud?

As the end of each year approaches, our clients are tying up loose ends and finding closure to the old year. Who wouldn’t want to say goodbye to 2020 and start the new year on a clean slate! This year is certainly no exception as we have seen in our ticket inbox. Clients are focused on ensuring their documents and photos are stored in the cloud.

See the following list of symptoms that were discovered:


Symptom: I have forgotten the password to my cloud storage solution.


  • It has been such a long time since the client has last logged into their cloud storage account that they have forgotten their password.


  • Set a calendar reminder to visit your cloud storage account 1 time/ month. This will help to keep fresh in your mind not only the name of your cloud storage solution but your password to log in. Need assistance remembering your password? Remember to either write down your password in the same place as your other passwords or utilize your online password software.



Symptom: What cloud storage solution do I have? Do I even have a solution?


  • The last time the client logged in was when they initially setup their cloud storage account and uploaded their content.


  • Review the material that you have saved to your cloud storage account (documents, files, folders, and photos). This will refresh your memory about your stored content, and you can determine if additional documents and photos need to be uploaded as well.



Symptom: I am not sure what is stored in my cloud storage — how do I access my content?


  • The client has not consistently/routinely logged into their storage account to remember how to access their content nor the content that is stored to the cloud.


  • Identify that all your content has been uploaded to your cloud storage account and that content is not missing. Reviewing for missing content is essential if you should ever need to use your cloud storage if your computer (laptop/desktop) were to ever crash. You could then easily recover the data from your cloud storage solution.


As we usher in the new year (cheers and applause to saying goodbye to 2020), we should take this time to double check the contents in our cloud storage account. These documents and photos have a purpose for why they were initially stored. They are critical to your business and important to your family. Make a plan to visit your cloud storage solution 1 time/month to ensure your important documents and photos are preserved.



Sara Stauner attended the University of Wisconsin-River Falls for her Bachelor’s in Business Communication and Master’s in School Counseling. While working at a local software business, she became a technical writer, where she developed “How To’s”, “FAQ’s” and a Department Operations Manual. In addition, she also learned and developed her software IT troubleshooting skills.

Later, both Sara and her husband (Peter J. Stauner, Jr), founded Computer Support Group. Computer Support Group can help you get your virtual work/school life back on its feet. When Sara isn’t working you can find her running around the Cornelius trails, biking and spending time with her 3 children.



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