We are ready to assist you, and your organization, in addressing Human Performance Issue


Dbeard Consulting, LLC focuses on the following Key Human Performance Areas

  • Reducing Turnover/Employee Selection
  • Individual/Team Development
  • Improving Communications



How we add Value:

Human Performance is NOT a single measure.  It is a performance matrix comprised of four major Integrated Ingredients. We’ve identified those ingredients and we offer the validated instruments that can measure those factors. At Dbeard Consulting, LLC, we utilize a short, on-line survey that has the unique ability to calculate your employee’s or candidate’s: (1) decision speed, (2) capacity to work effectively with others and, (3) ability to make the right decisions while operating within the established framework of the organization.

How we do it:

We’ve integrated those factors into Reliable Performance Answers that provides our clients with “the making Great People Decisions insights” they really need.  Best of all, we’ve assembled those answers into an easy to read Summary Reports that generates employee performance answers rather than a string of 50+ pages of datapoints that you must decipher and decode.

How we are different:

Our Critical Thinking measure is based upon the Nobel nominated research into human decision theory and is comprised of three sophisticated algorithms that calculate and measure an individual’s capacity to make the correct choices when faced with the problems, challenges and opportunities they encounter.





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