We are ready to start traveling again!

After being quarantined for so long, we are eager to vacation, but the question often arises, “What do I pack?” I have created a “Basics List” that I use for myself that helps me pack what I need without taking my entire closet with me!

Keep your feet comfy and stylish by packing a basic pair of white sneakers.

Basic Travel Must Pack Items

Travel Size Steamer

This allows you to bring any item of clothes you want to wear regardless of the fabric type.

Tide Stain Pen

I can’t tell you how many times this little magic pen has saved me! From spots on my husband’s cuffs to makeup on my collar, I never travel without it.

Fashion Tape

I like to call this the “MacGyver” item. You can use it to hem an item of clothing, fix the gap between buttonholes, keep your bra straps in place, even use it to keep your necklace from turning and slipping to show the clasp. It’s a fix all.

Lint Roller

To look pulled together — it’s all about the details. So, having lint, animal fur or dust can make you look less than your personal best.

Packing Cubes

Cubes help keep like items together and protected while traveling. It also keeps you organized while on your trip.

Jessica’s outfit of a basic white t-shirt and black trousers is easily dressed up with the neutral blazer, gold chain necklace and gold hoop earrings. The black bag looks good for both daytime and evening.

Basic Clothing to Pack

Tee Shirts

Basic white and basic black, quality T-Shirts.


A pair that can be dressed up or down.

Knit Sweater

One lightweight knit sweater that can be used as a layering piece.


A structured pair that can easily take you from day to evening.


If you are doing a lot of walking, flats are a must! Choose a neutral-colored pair of shoes that will match most everything in your suitcase.


Bring a basic white pair and if you’ll be exercising while on your trip, an athletic pair.

This outfit with its button-down shirt, loose-fitting white trousers, and comfy sandals is great for an al fresco luncheon. The belt is reversible and the black side can be used with jeans or the black trousers. Add the neutral blazer from the photo above and she’s all set for evening.


A neutral-colored blazer can elevate any outfit instantly. It can also act as another layering piece if the weather gets chilly.

Button-down White Shirt

This type of shirt is a classic piece that can be formal AND casual!



Bring one pair of stud earrings and one set of hoops.

A few lovely pieces of jewelry can add charm and elegance to any outfit.


A simple watch can go with anything.

Layering necklace

A linked necklace works well with many looks.


Bring one that can be worn cross-body AND as a clutch. Select any neutral color — I always opt for black or brown.

Silk scarf

An incredibly versatile accessor, it can be worn in many different ways: tied in your hair, around your neck, on the strap of your purse, or even tied on your wrist.


A leather belt that is reversible (Black and brown work best.)

You can look fashionable, even on a windy day with the silk scarf tied around your hair. Notice the coordinating neutral colors of her flats, purse, and scarf.

Variables That Effect My Packing List

  • Time of year and season
  • Activities on trip
  • Weather
  • Events that you will attend
  • Lodging space
  • If it’s a warm weather destination, items are that easy to wash by hand
Here’s an example of the cross-body purse, simply remove the strap and it becomes an evening clutch. Notice the collar on the button-down shirt is turned up for extra flair.
Modeling, article and photos courtesy Jessica J. Grimsland
Jessica J. Grimsland
Fashion Stylist

Jessica J. Grimsland is a Fashion Stylist that specializes in creating wardrobes that enable people to feel their best while making ethically responsible purchases. She has a passion for practicing Slow Fashion and focuses on curating a closet that contains quality pieces that are timeless. She believes that everyone should feel amazing in their clothes each and every day. Jessica teaches people how to shop their closet and become more creative with that they already have. “Shop Less and Create More” is her mantra.

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