Italian Style-Elements you can use

Italians are known for their impeccable ability to be stylish and effortless at the same time. On my recent trip to Venice, Italy, I saw first-hand how beautiful this kind of dressing really is. From the young children to the more mature population, everyone left their home each day looking and feeling their best.

Here are a few tips to help you achieve this Italian aesthetic.


Everyone either wore a very sleek pair of sunglasses or their prescription eye wear was made of frames that were colorful or Lucite looking. It instantly finished a look that otherwise might be plain or usual.

I saw many teenage kids wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but they had stylish colored framed glasses that elevated their look instantly. The older Italians didn’t shy away from bold colors. It was refreshing to see people’s personalities through the kind of eye wear they chose to put on that day.

Adding scarfs

Almost all the women I encountered on the streets of Venice wore a silk scarf. Either around their neck, tied onto their purse, worn in their hair or wrapped around their wrist. This delicate piece of fabric gave them all a look of elegance and softness.

The men wore scarves made of cashmere or wool with their sport coats, cardigans and button-down dress shirts. This is such a regal looking touch on a man.

Fashion Forward Men!

Leather Shoes

In America, we are used to seeing people in sneakers everywhere we go and for every occasion. I rarely encountered a Venetian wearing sneakers. The children and teenagers only wore sneakers when they were playing a sport. Most of them sported a flat suede slip-on shoe that added a touch of elegance to their outfit.

Heels are not a common type of footwear because of all the walking that needs to be done daily. The quality of the leather shoes is remarkable. I picked up a couple pairs and I can say that they are comfortable and durable.

Tailored Clothing

Everyone looked amazing in whatever they were wearing. The key to looking your best is tailoring. The Italians believe that everything needs to be tailored to your body. So, everyone gets their clothes fitted to them. It creates the most flattering lines for yourself. I quickly started doing this when I got back. It is amazing what a slight hem or darting on a dress can do for your body.


I was able to see in action what confidence in yourself looks like and how that is translated to everything else in your life. The Italians exude a confidence that comes from putting their best foot forward in whatever they do. They never leave the house looking disheveled, wrinkled or unkept.

They walk the streets with their chin up and smile and make eye contact with each passerby. Their confidence is one of joy and gratitude. Italians have the right way of living and dressing, and I am thankful that I got to experience it.

This dress will be attractive for any occasion!

Some people look like they spend hours getting ready, while others look like they put no effort in at all.

How do you strike the perfect balance of stylish and effortless? Well, I’m here to help.

Self Confidence and Ease

This is something that can’t be bought but can be found by dressing in a way that brings your best self forward. It doesn’t matter what clothes I put you in, if you don’t feel amazing and self-confident, then you will never come across as effortless.

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Modeling, article and photos courtesy Jessica J. Grimsland
Jessica J. Grimsland
Fashion Stylist

Jessica J. Grimsland is a Fashion Stylist that specializes in creating wardrobes that enable people to feel their best while making ethically responsible purchases. She has a passion for practicing Slow Fashion and focuses on curating a closet that contains quality pieces that are timeless. She believes that everyone should feel amazing in their clothes each and every day. Jessica teaches people how to shop their closet and become more creative with that they already have. “Shop Less and Create More” is her mantra.

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