I.M.U. Social Media LLC of Lake Norman and the Triangle of North Carolina is unique in providing content for small businesses on the following platforms: Twitter, Google+ (Google My Business), Word Press, Instagram and Facebook. Our writing team’s ability to develop and blend high quality content for small organizations in conversational style has made IMUSM a successful professional content creator for seven years,  from blog posts to content placement and editing; we have over 1500 blog posts published across the Internet alone!

Our focused skill is to to help and support micro and small businesses with their social media content. We work for clients in Louisiana, Michigan and North Carolina, regardless of products, services and industry. We write content for ophthalmologists, fitness centers, campgrounds, bars, restaurants, bookkeepers, and everything in between! Any extreme small business (ESB), less than 12 employees, products, services, optical, medical, dental or food is our ideal client.

We are the Mom & Pop One Stop Shop for social media content marketing. IMUSM is simple and client driven, just like you and your business.

If you own a small business with less than 12 employees, products, services, optical, medical, dental or food, we are your answer to grow with visibility! 


Contact: LKN Connect

Email: contact@lknconnect.com

Phone: (704) 800-0041

Jim is the Ambassador at Large with the Apex Chamber of Commerce; Founder and Chair of the Lake Norman Small Business Network, Founder and Social Media Director of the Apex Small Business Network, Coordinator of the Lake Norman Small Business Network Blood Drive, and is the Vice-Chair of the Economic Development and Business Growth Committee, Board of Directors, Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce.