In the Kitchen: A Great Appetizer – Unusual Asian Deviled Eggs

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Stuffed Artichoke Bottoms

Unusual Asian Deviled Eggs

Inspired by The Keto cookbooks

Doctored up by the Designing Dr. Margi Kyle


Estimate 2 half eggs per person. Today they are total Comfort Food.

Total time: about 15 or so minutes.




1 bag of Hard-Boiled eggs — 6 per bag for 12 deviled eggs.

1 Tablespoon, Sesame oil

3 Tablespoons, Avocado oil

3 tablespoons, Tamari Sauce

1 Tablespoon, Dijon Mustard

1Teaspoon, Coconut Aminos sauce

1 Teaspoon, Savory Asian Style Sprinkle

Salt and Pepper to taste

Lots of Chives to garnish with. (I got mine from my tower garden.)



  • Slice the eggs in half- lengthwise and put the yoke into a bowl. Blend the yolks with the oil, tamari sauce, mustard and coconut aminos sauce.
  • Place the mixed yokes into each egg cup. Either using a spoon and knife or plastic bag with the end cut off to squeeze it into the egg cups.
  • Garnish the Deviled Eggs with the Savory Asian Style Sprinkle and lots of Chives.


They are quite different and there will be none left! Only praise to the cook.




Photos, preparation, and serving notes by Margi Kyle



Printed version of this recipe

In the Kitchen series – Unusual Asian Deviled Eggs




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