In the Kitchen: Butternut Squash Soup — Delicious !

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Margi’s Butternut Squash Soup with Ginger, Garlic, and Fresh Lemon or Lime.

What the Designing Doctor, LLC recommends for curing your COVID-19 Blues!

By Margi Kyle, The Designing Doctor, LLC
Director of Non-Profits
Founder of Little Smiles NC
Major Chief Cook in our House!


Ingredients – Serves about 6

1 Large Onion, chopped

4 tablespoons Unsalted Butter

2 tablespoons good Olive Oil

4 cups peeled, seeded and sliced Butternut Squash — more is better! Most grocery stores sell fresh squash in the Produce Department that is cubed and ready for you to put in the soup.

1 Large Apple, peeled and cut into cubes.

2 cups Chicken Bone Broth or Beef Broth

1 cup Water

2-3 Tablespoons of Curry — to taste

4-6 Minced cloves or Garlic

3 tablespoons fresh Ginger — Here is a huge hint!

Hint: Harris Teeter in the freezer section has Dorot Gardens- Garlic and Ginger in tablet forms that I just put in all and everything I cook.  A must for every home!  (See photo of ginger below.)


Finishing ingredients

8 ounces of Mascarpone Cheese instead of cream at the end.  It makes the soup so much richer.

1 cup White Wine

2 Tablespoons of either fresh Lemon or Lime Juice (you can use lemon or lime slices as a garnish)

1 small bunch Green Onions, chopped for garnish

Salt and Pepper to taste



In a large pot, cook onion, squash, apple and spices in the water, oil, butter and broth. Cook medium heat for about 45 minutes.


Puree the mixture and then add the Mascarpone cheese, wine and salt and pepper to taste. Once again, I always use Jane’s Krazy Mixed up salt and pepper.  The other spice I seem to add to everything is the Black Garlic salt. (Found online or in Birkdale at Savory Spice Shop. It’s delicious.)

Use slices of either the lemon or limes to garnish with along with green onions.


This soup is great with garlic bread, a salad and wine.





Printable version of this recipe

In the Kitchen series – Butternut Squash Soup


Recipe preparation and photos by Margi Kyle



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