In the Kitchen: Easy Appetizers – Artichokes & Spinach

Margi Kyle

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Margi Kyle tells me that this recipe is very easy. She always keeps these items in the cupboard for a quick appetizer when unexpected guests drop by. We hope you’ll try it; it makes a delicious treat just for your family as well! — EH Stafford, Managing Editor


Stuffed Artichoke Bottoms with Creamy Spinach and Cheese

By Margi Kyle, The Designing Doctor, LLC
Director of Non-Profits
Founder of Little Smiles NC
Major Chief Cook in our House!




Ingredients – Serves 6

1 can  – Artichoke bottoms

1 Box  – frozen chopped Spinach (Depending upon the size of the box, I use half.)

Garlic and Ginger, frozen or fresh

Dried or frozen Onions – (I love the frozen chopped onions when I can get them in the freezer or fresh department.)

Salt and Pepper to taste – (I use Krazy Jane Mixed up salt and Krazy Jane Mixed up pepper.  Or whatever you usually use.)

1 large Cream Cheese or Sour Cream – about 1 large cup. (If I don’t have cream cheese and use sour cream, I put in more cheese to make it firmer.)

1 cup – shredded Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese blend. (Or any cheese blend.)

1 Egg





Open and drain the can of Artichoke Bottoms. Open and defrost the Spinach. Drain the spinach well to get all the water out of it.

Mix in the egg, cream cheese, or sour cream. Add onions, salt and pepper, along with garlic and ginger. Add most of the cheese and save a bit to put on the tops at the end.



Get a scoop or spoon and put the mixture on top of the artichoke Bottoms. Place in the oven at 375F until the cheese is melted and bubbling – about 15 minutes.

Sprinkle the extra cheese on top. This recipe is great side dish or appetizer.





Photos, preparation, and serving notes by Margi Kyle






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In the Kitchen series – Artichoke Bottoms




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