It is time to SPICE up your life!

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Stuffed Artichoke Bottoms

Savory Spice is still in Birkdale Village, 16735 Cranlyn Rd C, Huntersville, NC 28078. They just relocated about a year ago. If you have not updated your spices, now is the time

I have always loved to cook. In fact, I had a catering business for about a year when I lived in California. As a mom of three children, a wife, and a business owner, I needed to rethink my direction in life. Loving to cook and having to are two different things. I love to try new things, and that year, I did.

Fast forward many years, I got my degree in Interior Design and continued to cook and entertain. Moving to North Carolina over 25 years ago was just another adventure. Moving to Birkdale Village was on my bucket list, and 4 years ago, we did just that. I had to go to see what was in—just a spice store. Savory Spice was ten times more than I expected. New and different combinations of herbs and spices to enhance even the dullest of dinners. I was sold! The first thing I did was join their Loyalty Club. I bought so much that I was earning points and getting free spices. I shared them with all I knew and still love going in and seeing what is new.

Your first time in the store, they will help you get signed up!

Several of my favorite areas are the dinner area, soup section and dips.

Look at all these great ideas and delicious dinners. Life is so much easier since I found Savory Spice.

The one that I keep making is the Massaman Curry. It has lots of great ingredients and is good for you.

Do you have guests who stop in often? With these dinners, you can have a meal ready in 45 minutes.
They will be sending kisses after this great dinner.

Their Dips are Delicious!

Just go once a week and try three new things. Your life will be so much easier, and your family will have fun seeing what you create.

It is time to spice up your life.

Go to their website and look at all their recipes. Find a few you might like to try, and then go and buy the ingredients. They are fun and delicious. If you are not sure, the staff is accommodating. The owner, Craig VanLaanen, also works at the store a few days a week. Making sure everyone is happy and helped.

Proud owner Craig Van Laanen

Feeling a bit down after a beautiful Easter Weekend? Go and add these three spices to your pantry.

I use them everyday. Enjoy and get Spiced!
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