I did it on impulse. I told my sister-in-law that I would audition for The Davidson Community Players upcoming Boos & Brews Halloween Play Festival, even though I’ve never acted a day in my life.


I arrived late to the Actor’s Lab—already off to a bad start—and quietly slid in the back, script in hand. Everyone was extremely friendly and relaxed, except me. I sat there terrified. At first, I couldn’t even place the feeling—tight stomach, shallow breathing, heart racing—and then I reflected that it reminded me of that exact emotion I felt in fifth grade when teams were being chosen for dodgeball and I was afraid I’d be picked last. Terror.


I briefly thought about just slipping out the back door, but I figured that as long as I was there, I might as well try. I read for three parts, one of which required me to SING. And for some reason I did. When the script says sing, I guess you just do.


On the way out, one of the directors mentioned that some of us might have two parts because they were short on actors. What?! Please don’t let that be me. Even though the 8 plays in the festival are only 10 minutes long, I was seriously concerned about my ability to memorize lines. Sometimes when I enter a room I can’t even remember what I came in it for. This did not bode well for me.


A few days later, Sarah, a director, called and asked me if I wanted the part of a middle-aged mother. Why, yes, I believe I do. When she added that I could play it slightly drunk, I knew I’d been typecast and hopefully could pull it off.


We started an accelerated practice schedule because we only had three weeks to prepare. I studied my lines night and day and even got my husband to run lines with me. He generously gave me “notes” on my delivery and now he is sleeping on the couch. I got to hang out with some exceptional actors who understand that encouragement goes a long way. And the director was very patient with my inexperience and made me feel like I could really do it.


Tonight we have our first dress rehearsal. I have to wear a hideous black wig and dramatic goth makeup. And I’m grateful that I took a chance. Grateful that I get to hang out with some of the finest people in Lake Norman.


If you don’t have your tickets to Boos & Brews, get them now! We will definitely sell out. And say a little prayer for a woman of a certain age who will make her acting debut.


If you’ve been on the fence about auditioning for an upcoming play, don’t be. Just show up, give it your best, and maybe one day I’ll see you on the stage.


Show runs October 25-27, 8pm, Actor’s Lab in Davidson. Tickets are $15.