Photo Above: Corporate_teamwork – Our MCIPs join together to assemble birthday bags for Bright Blessings.  These bags arrive at a school for homeless children on their birthday so they can celebrate with their classmates without feeling left out because of their circumstances.



Have you ever wanted to volunteer or spend time giving back to something or someone you are passionate about, but you just do not have the extra time?

We might have the best solution for you. Your company should become a MCIP.


What is an MCIP you ask?

MCIP stands for My Corporate Impact Partner. The Make an Impact Foundation (MAIF for short) offers the MCIP program as a way to help businesses give back to the children in need around them.


Optima Engineering employees, one of our MCIPs brainstorm with us and local students during our Upward Mobility project.


Just a quick story …

A young man starts his career in the finance industry — he knows he needs to and wants to give back to his community. His company insists everyone donate to one specific organization as part of their social responsibility. However, he never sees his hard-earned money at work or how it is impacting the lives of those in need.

He begins to wonder if spending his money in this way is the best thing for his family — could he be using that money to help further the education or cultural values for his own young family? Go ahead and add to that — he really wants to volunteer his time to local organizations but which one? With his dedication split between his job and growing family there does not seem to be any time.

Does this sound familiar? This happens in businesses all the time and our MCIP program helps conquer both of those potential “giving back” pitfalls.


What exactly is an MCIP?

Employees from one of our My Corporate Impact Partner- EDU Healthcare, stuff kits for students in need.

MAIF turns these pitfalls or problems into opportunities by working with businesses and becoming an integral part of their philanthropy team. We work with each business to setup a specific MCIP Fund for donations from the business and its employees.

MAIF researches the passions of those in the business and then designs community projects to support these passions. These are not your ordinary projects — they include partnerships with local nonprofits as well as a volunteer component. We have found the best way for people to see the impact they are making in the community is to participate and feel the impact.

The employee now gives not only their money to fund the project but also their time. At the end of the project they can see the impact they have made on children in need in their community.

As an added benefit, businesses can provide matching donations to what their employees donate as well as paid time off or specified times during the workday to volunteer for their MCIP projects. Remember our young friend who wanted to see where his money went and volunteer his time, if his company were a MCIP with the Make an Impact Foundation he would have the opportunity for both.


How does my company become a MCIP?

So how do you get involved? Tell the management team at your company about this awesome opportunity to give back to your local community together to make a larger impact, then ask them to contact us. If you are part of the management team, send us an email and we will give you a quick 30-minute overview and provide ways to implement this program immediately. It is time to make an impact in your community and we cannot wait to help you do that.


Check out what some of our current MCIPs are doing

Visit our website or look for our article next week as we take a look at the successful community projects through our MCIP program. You can also contact us at to begin making an impact today.


Members from our MCIP-Clean Juice as well as town officials and other nonprofits gather to help local children design a new playground for our latest community project at Huntington Green Park.







Deborah McKee, Account Executive 
MAIF funds projects that impact the lives of children who are underprivileged, marginalized, underserved, economomically disadvantaged, neglected, abused, distressed or simply in need.  We want ALL children to be given every opportunity they can to succeed in school but ultimately in life.  Visit for information to see how you can join us to make this happen.




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