A peaceful walk along side a busy road!

Most people who drive down Statesville Rd. (Route 21) past the Home Depot, never notice the entrance to the Caldwell Station Creek Greenway in Huntersville. BUT, you should stop and take a walk. Whether you start at the Statesville Rd. entrance or the Bailey Rd. entrance, the greenway is a lovely and peaceful place to walk.

As usual, I’m out walking with my new dog, Sedona. It was her first time on this greenway. She was VERY interested in the squirrels and the birds. There were just enough people and other dogs to keep our walk friendly and fun.

Entrance to the Greenway

The entrance to the greenway is next to the North Cross Business Campus in Huntersville, NC

The path is wide and easy to walk

I walked the first segment of this greenway which is 3/4 of a mile of flat walking, no steep hills or steps. Sedona and I strolled along and it took us around an hour to walk out and back.

Plastic bags and a bin are provided at the entrance to help you pick up your dog’s poop. Please keep the greenway clean!
The path follows the creek. There are wooden “bridges” to keep your feet dry when it gets swampy.

A lovely spot for birding

Today I saw purple martins, bluejays, and a hawk on our walk.

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There are mileposts to track how far you’ve walked

The Bailey Rd Entrance

Press the button to cross

By pressing the button, lights come on to indicate to cars that someone is in the crosswalk. If you keep going, there is another segment that runs from Bailey Rd and exits near the Foamex plant on 115.

Take a photo of the map to see where you can go!

You can park at the Bailey Rd entrance

NOTE: Do NOT park in the first lot on the North Cross business park

There is plenty of parking if you go to the third building on the left.

It’s not that much farther, and truly, we are here to have a good walk. Simply walk down the sidewalk to the entrance to the greenway.

It’s a great place. Enjoy!

Article and photos by Ellen Stafford
Ellen Stafford

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