Preparing for the New Normal: Body and Brain Tune-up

Bringing Local to Life Series.

VIEW THE VIDEO – May 19, 2020



Margi Kyle, Director of Non-Profits for, invites you to join us Tuesday, May 19th at 10:00 am for our Zoom 30 minute Business Strategies meeting: Body and Brain Tune-up!

Our first guest is Wayne Coolidge, Jr. Wayne is an innovative health promotion scholar-practitioner, author, and speaker. He specializes in designing lifestyle-optimization strategies that result in anti-aging, chronic disease prevention, pain management, nutritional health, fat loss, and fitness. He will give us a Body Tune-UP!

Our second guest is Jonathan Marlowe. Jonathan is one of two Senior Pastors (along with his wife Angela) at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church in Cornelius. He has been a pastor in North Carolina for 26 years and served a variety of different churches in the Charlotte, Salisbury, and Greensboro areas. Giving us a Brain Tune-up!


Pastor Jonathan Marlow’s 3 Stages of Growth Chart


LKNConnect’s Director of Non-Profits Margi Kyle’s Video Invitation to This Seminar