MOORESVILLE NC: Last week’s Town Board meeting (June 17, 2019) was opened with a prayer by Assistant Town Manager Ryan Rase. It was followed by the pledge of allegiance led by young Owen Jury from the Trip166 unit.


A special donation

To the Mooresville Police Department K-9 Unit from Xquistie Car and Truck and Bruster’s Ice Cream Shop.  The Cruise-In Fundraiser Crew raised $2194 in 3 hours from Mooresville residents wanting to show their appreciation and love for the family of fallen Police Officer Jordan Sheldon. A banner was also presented to the Police Dept as a remembrance for Officer Sheldon’s hard work and dedication to the K-9 Force.  


The Fire-Rescue Citizens Academy

Chief Eden recognized Captain David Conrad and Tony Covington for operating the The Fire-Rescue Citizens Academy program for the 7th year. This year’s program had 20 participants, with 19 present to receive their awards. The program is designed to give citizens an overview of the many jobs in the Mooresville Fire Department. For more information, click here.


Major Ron Chilton presented 2019 Citizen Academy Recognition to the Police Department class members. He bragged about how proud he was to say that they had become a part of the Police Department family within the 10 weeks of the program. In that period, they had the opportunity to learn about what the police officers did and what it took to be a part of their department. Amongst the group was Nancy Joe Hernandez, Barbara Jill Johnson and a few others who proudly wore their white academy shirts as they came up to receive their awards from Major Henderson. The elected officials were then invited up to take pictures with the group. For information on how to participate in the next academy, click here.


Nine candidates appointed

A few adjustments in the agenda were read, corrected and motioned by the Board Major Atkins. New appointment of nine candidates to the Boards and Commissions were read by Commissioner Thurman and the motion was further carried forward by the other active Board members that were present.


Utility request denied

The Utility Extension Fresh Water Piece off Highway 115 requests for Utility Service was addressed for a second time from March 4th last updates, with no change presented from the speaker the Board was opened for questions.  Commissioners Eddie Dingler, Bobby Compton and Lisa Qualls addressed the situation and after a few reviews of slides the Board came to the conclusion that it was premature and not safe for the public, so a motion was carried and denied for the approval of the Utility Request for Mooresville and surroundings.  


Financial manager’s report

The Financial and Manager’s Report for 2015 and 2019 projection for the end of the year revenue was on the right target. The Budget Expenditures will be around 95% of the Budget at the end of June while the Utility Fund is at 80% of its Budgeting Revenue will likely to be break even also at at the end of the month.


Town Attorney Stephen Gambill steps down after 16 years of service

A farewell was given to Town Attorney Stephen Gambill. He celebrated his last day on the Board after 16 years.  He announced the new Assistant Town Attorney Sharon Crawford as his replacement for the position. Gary West and Barbara Whittington shared a few words of love and respect for him, along with others on the Board. The meeting and evening then ended with a Motion to continue with their usual closed session in their private chambers.




Mooresville Town Board meets the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 6pm in the Executive Board Room at Mooresville Town Hall, 413 North Main Street, Mooresville, NC 28115. View current/past agendas and video of the board meetings.





Natalie Ramos


Local Government Reporter Natalie R. Ramos: I am from the lovely Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago. I am a mother of two and a recent small business owner of Beautiful Dreamer Variety Store. My hobbies are writing, singing, broadcasting, photography, spoken word poetry and working with others who currently have the same endeavors. I recently published my first Poetry/Quotes book. My motto is: “With hard work and dedication anything you put your mind to in life is possible—never give up on your dreams.”