Nature’s Cues for Balance—The Changing Seasons

The leaves have fallen. A quiet respite. Bitter cold with a strong wind. Nature holds a true compass of change. Orchestrated rhythm that allows for preparation, rest then growth. Nature’s balance is in the four seasons.


Take a cue from nature

Autumn can be a pause before the bustle of the holidays. Winter is a time for hibernating. Days are shorter, nights are longer, which allows our body to rest and recharge. Set your internal clock to think about and weigh expectations. Be introspective. Reflect. Relax.



Expectations become the precursor to anxious feelings

Goals become mired with unrealistic ambitions. An unraveling process begins. Budding to do lists. Marathon shopping. Blurred imagines of cherished memories in the making. The question of “how” to balance it all. Even a bewildered sense of dread. Is it over yet?



Redefine and realign

Balance seems like a fleeting thought etched into the framework of a frenetic life. Work, Life, Play, Family, Love, Solitude. The increased demands decay that sense of balance.


Tap into that internal list rather than the presence of glittery images. Redefine your core values. Realign after your holiday plans. Embrace the prospective of achieving the deeper meaning of the life and family. Gratitude. Blessings. Wonder. Sharing from the heart. Simple expressions of love, of giving and of kindness. Meaningful gestures that perpetuate a true joy.


Inadvertently we relinquish balance. Words like “should” “but” work adversely to keep harmony. Hold them at bay.



Pause to find your balance

Balance is a fine line held within. A bold statement of who you are. Balance is the pause, the thought process which centers your thinking. It redefines your planning. Balance helps remove the need for over the top expressions. It pulls you back to family-centered and a more simple life. Thoughtful gestures extended into meaningful days. Sometimes the simplest act of kindness has the greatest effect.



Slow down, listen

Often balance is compromised by leaving thoughts and expectations dangling. Lack of clear definition is unsettling. Achieving balance comes from listening to the whisper that says slow down. A reminder to stay in the moment. Let go of responding to the hurried pace of scattered thoughts. Abandon the mile long to do list. Live within the day and cherish the moment. Balance is a nurtured attitude of keeping things in prospective.



The cycle continues wrapped in balance yet anticipation

Autumn falls into Winter…Winter pauses into Spring…Spring blossoms into Summer. Stark difference within a balanced life.





Katie Stankiewicz has always had a passion for horses and a deep desire to see people succeed. She founded Willow Equine, in 2012, which offers equine-assisted personal development in Mooresville, NC. Her mission is to enlighten clients to their innate abilities. Whether it’s taking the lead in their own health or focusing on work at their company, they re-energize themselves through self-discovery and horses. They are able to transform their struggles into authentic successes, and it becomes a part of their overall wellness plan and life-coping strategies. To make a donation, please visit




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