NUTRITION: How Do I Get My Children Interested in Healthy Food?

Let’s get the whole family involved

One question my clients ask often is how to get their children interested in their own nutrition, or when to start having discussions. In this article I wanted to go over a few simple tips and fun ideas to get the whole family involved.


Two basic principles: keep it simple and pertinent

When it comes to getting our kids involved, I always recommend two basic principles. One is to keep it simple, and two is to make it pertinent to where they are at in growth and development. It is never too young to start bringing up little tips. They don’t have to be long discussions, just random comments here and there can be beneficial the more your children hear them. I used to tell my boys when handing over a sippy cup, little things such as “Drink your water, it helps keep you moving.” Let’s get into some tips.


5 simple tips to get started

Number one: keep it simple and short at first

As they get older, the conversations will grow. Little reminders of why a food is important sticks with kids and gives them an opportunity to ask questions later.


Number two: take them grocery shopping with you

Those toddler carts are a fun way to get children interested in the process.



Number three: let your child choose an item

Have your child pick out an item that interests them and discuss for a minute or two on why.


Number four: grow a garden together

Let children plant their own foods and watch them grow. A garden leads to discussions on how it’s done and the benefits of that ingredient. Studies have shown this is a great way to get children to eat more variety of fruits and veggies.



Number five: read a food label together

Pick an aspect of a label such as protein amounts and talk briefly about how it helps our muscles grow. As your child’s confidence is strengthened, add in more ingredients on the label.


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Shannon Montecino is a Certified Health Educator who has been with Total Nutrition Technology (TNT) for 4 years. Nutrition, families, and hormone/gut health testing services are her special interests. She has been married for 15.5 years and has two boys ages 12 and 9 who keep her busy! Reading is one of her favorite forms of self-care.




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