Differentiating through Customer Experience (How to Wow Them)

February 28, 2020

Marketing Direction Now

9820 Northcross Center Ct, Huntersville

Time:  8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Admission:  $50.00


½ Day with Laura – Differentiating through Customer Experience (How to Wow them)

This seminar is all about creating a remarkable experience through every step of the customer journey

By only focusing on numbers and getting qualified leads, you’re going to make your job harder in the long-run as customers churn due to poor experiences that didn’t meet their expectations. How disheartening is it to find a great prospect and have the sales team absolutely kill it with the close, only to then have service drop the ball.
Only when you shift to thinking about customer lifetime value and retention will you have a stable business with long-term success. You lose customers because they feel neglected after the sale. A 5% improvement in customer retention rates will get you a 25 – 100 percent increase in profits
Plus, happy customers tend to buy more. Rather than focus all your efforts on a new sale, think of all the additional value that can come from one happy customer over and over again. According to Marketing Metrics, there is a 5 to 20% change of marking a new sale. When you are selling to your existing customers that percentage goes up to 60 – 70%.
Creating customer delight is not customer experience or having raving fans. It’s about building on what came before and gives you the directions on where to go next.
In this program, we will take a look at the 9 phases of customer experience and design a wow for each phase.
• Awareness Phase
• Consideration Phase
• Decision Phase
• Affirm Phase
• Activate Phase
• Familiarize Phase
• Gets Results Phase
• Loyalty Phase
• Raving Fan Phase

You will build a consistent experience every time!

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