If you are like most people you have a large number of photos either on your phone or in some form of storage, SD card, disk, cloud, etc. So, when it comes time to show off the cute cat picture or the selfie of you and someone famous, you wind up searching through the stack of photos to find it.


Now is a great time to organize your photos

Since we seem to be having some time on our hands, I wanted to do a set of articles on managing those photos at a few levels — this article will focus on using a web-based tool to organize your photos. Future articles will concentrate on using tools to catalog your photos and an advanced article for people with multiple types of photos including RAW and TIFF.


Google Photos

This is one of the simplest and fastest ways of handling your photos. You upload your photos to the Google Photos site attached to your Google login. The photos will be automatically parsed by the date that you did the upload. If you are automatically uploading to Google from your phone the files will already be there. If not, then you can log into Google Photos from the device where you have your photos and upload from the device.

You can then start looking at the groups of photos to see which to keep and which to delete. If you are unsure you can create an album where you can place questionable photos for a more thorough review later. From there you can delete or remove from the album. The photo will stay in the gallery until it is deleted.


Photos that have been imported into Google Photos


Grouping or making albums

Once you have a working group of photos, start thinking about how you would like to group your photos. The main way of doing this in Photos, is to place them in an album. Select the Album icon, create a new album, name the album. Name it by Place, Event, Time, or anything that will remind you of what the album might contain. Select the photos from the gallery that you want in that album.

Any photo can be in more than one album at a time. For example, the picture of your pet at Christmas, might be in both a Christmas album and an album of your pet.


Albums in Google Photos


Easy to find and share

You now have a searchable means of finding that favorite picture you want, plus you’ll also find others that you may have forgotten. The albums are sharable so you can let others see your photos, even from afar.


Photo collage in Google Photos


Extra features you may find helpful

Google Photos has some simple editing features including cropping and rotation of your photos. Additionally, you can create collages, animations, and movies of your photos. I hope you take the time to look over this means of preserving and sorting your photos, so that you will enjoy and share them with others.



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