Mama Kacey and two of her Yellowstone litter babies born in January 2022; Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue was able to get Kacey off a chain and allow her to give birth at a foster’s home because of donor funding, which covered food and supplies.

Every Penny Counts

More times than I can remember, I needed something. More dog food, extra pee pads, or one of the puppies I was fostering needed to see a vet prior to their regularly scheduled check-in appointment. In those moments, I relied on Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue to give me what I needed. And the rescue came through every time. That was largely because of generous donations.

For non-profit rescues, every penny counts. No donation is too small. In today’s economic times, we understand a lot of families have been hit hard, and people may not be able to give like they did pre-pandemic. But there are a number of easy ways you can still help your favorite rescues fundraise.

Donate on a smaller scale. Follow your favorite rescue’s social media accounts and donate to their smaller fundraisers like $5 Fridays. It may not seem like a lot, but if 50 people donate $5, that’s $250 the rescue didn’t have before.

Facebook fundraisers are also a great way to raise money for your favorite rescues. Facebook does all the work; just create a post and scroll down to select Raise money. Then type a few words about why you’re raising money. Your birthday is a great way, or in honor of your dog’s adoption day — and post.

Share rescue fundraisers on your socials. You never know who in your network might see a rescue’s fundraiser and donate. Rescues do all kinds of cool things. Just in the last year, I’ve seen local rescues raffle/auction off beautiful handmade quilts, premium concert tickets, and even beach vacation stays. Rescue fundraising events have included Santa pictures at Christmas, BBQ cookoffs, and doggy costume contests. These events are fun and don’t cost much to enjoy, but they allow rescues to generate much-needed funds.

The handsome Doc with Santa in December 2020. Doc’s dads, John Presley and Ken Worth, are active in local boxer rescue and supported the Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks annual Santa pics fundraiser.

Contribute items to rescue raffles and auctions if you can.

I’ve seen brand new Vera Bradley and Coach purses donated for raffle baskets. If you have new items that you don’t like or can’t return, and they would be a high-value item to someone else, reach out to your favorite rescue and ask if they could use your item for a raffle or auction.

One of the Big Hearts volunteers offered her Oak Island beach residence for a vacation stay at last winter’s Big Hearts silent auction. If you have a timeshare or an Airbnb property you are willing to donate the use of (typically in the off season), it can be a really big money-maker for a rescue to auction off.

See what kind of give-back incentives/programs your work offers.

Many larger companies offer ways to support non-profits, which most legitimate rescues are. Companies may offer pay-check deductions for the non-profit of your choice and/or donation matching. I love that my employer will donate up to $200 per fiscal year to non-profit(s). I volunteer my non-work time with –- and that’s in addition to any donation matching.

Companies are all different in what they offer, so it’s worth it to investigate how your employer’s social responsibility programs may benefit your favorite rescue.

Sign up for smile

You can select the rescue of your choice, and 0.5% of your eligible purchases will be donated to that rescue. This is an Amazon initiative, so it’s free to you. While 0.5% may not seem like much, it adds up, especially as more people sign up and select the rescue.

My donation log from AmazonSmile; the $19.22 my purchases raised helped contribute to the larger figure of $2,462.87 that Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue has received overall.

Download and use the free, mobile ResQWalk app.

Just by documenting your walks with the app, you can help your selected rescue earn money (participating rescues are listed in the app).

Local Rescues Need Puppy Fosters Soon

Kreitzer’s Critter Corral Puppy Rescue and Faith, Hope & Love Animal Rescue NC both currently have mama dogs with large litters. These puppies will need to go in pairs to foster homes in early October. If you are interested in fostering, please apply through the respective rescue’s online channels. Note that all supplies and vetting expenses are covered by the rescue.

Article and photos by Timina Stengel, Foster/Adopter/Rescue Advocate: Timina Stengel
Timina Stengel

Timina is the full time Personal Assistant/Mom to her rescue pitty Stella. She also has two human teenagers and works as a content strategist.

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