It is that time of year again, where we will spend more time outside on the boat or in the park.  It is difficult for me to drink big, heavy reds when it is over 90 degrees, so I will turn to rosé. All of the fruit profile without the weight. Rosé can be made from every red grape and every style.  It can range from the palest salmon color in Provence to the dark ruby color in Rioja, these wines are perfect for a hot summer day.


How Rosé is made

There are two ways to make rosé. The compound responsible for the color of red wine, anthocyanin, is found in the skins of the grapes. After you crush the grapes, they will sit on the skins for as little as an hour to a few days. In contrast, Cabernet Sauvignon will sit on the skins for a few weeks!


Choosing lively acidity or fruity character

The winemaker has a decision to make. Pick early with a short maceration or bleed off juice of a regular fermentation which helps concentrate the remaining juice. Picking early will give you more lively acidity while bleeding off juice will give you more fruit character.


Rosé is the ideal picnic wine




These versatile wines will go with everything from burgers on the grill to a nice cheese plate in the park. Klinker Brick, Bricks and Roses Rosé from Lodi is one of my stand-outs that I pour by the glass. Bricks & Roses is a blend of Grenache (38%), Carignane (30%), Syrah (24%), and Mourvedre (8%). It has aromas of citrus, a hint of floral fragrance and a brilliant salmon pink hue. Pleasant flavors of ripe strawberries, grapefruit and subtle watermelon, coupled with a dry composition, gently caress the palate. The finish is light with bright acidity.




A traditional option



For a good, traditional French option, I go to Chateau Gassier Cotes du Provence Esprit. Esprit Gassier is the Gassier Spirit that combines the exceptional terroir of the Sainte-Victoire region with Côtes de Provence varietals to produce a wine that expresses the family’s passion, expertise and creativity. The beautiful label, designed by a local artist, is silk-screened on the bottle to create a striking package.


An excellent price

Both wines can be purchased for under $20!


Adam Arlen, Sommelier


Adam Arlen: “I am passionate about wine because it is history in a bottle.” He is the sommelier for The Peninsula Club in Cornelius, NC. Originally from Allentown, PA, he believes you should always branch out and find new things. His goal is to never stop learning and continuing to grow both personally and professionally. A fun fact about him: “I was a nuclear engineer on a submarine in a previous life.”