Have you considered your lymphatic health as a possible cause for feeling tired and sluggish? A “clogged” up lymph system can cause you to feel this way. Fear not! There are several ways to help improve the circulation of your lymphatic system, and thankfully they are simple solutions. Based on an article from the Cleveland Clinic, the lymph system is a network of tissues, vessels, and organs that work together to move a colorless, watery fluid called lymph back into your circulatory system (bloodstream).

Simple solutions to help get and keep this very important system functioning properly

Avoid toxic chemicals

This requires changing several habits, from eating foods free of pesticides to making smart decisions about what you use on your skin. The environment around you can also contain toxins, especially when you consider the cleaning products you use for your home. Don’t let this be overwhelming. Just take it one step at a time.

Honestly, eating healthy should be the first step because a healthy body can fight many invaders. Not sure where to begin with eating healthy? I have a program on my website called Back to Health Basics that might be helpful if you want to begin the process of eating better on your own.

Drink water

We all get thirsty during the day, especially at this time of year. What kind of drink are you reaching for? Water, I hope! If you don’t like the taste of water, I can definitely relate. It took me a year to switch from diet soda to water. I began with drinking one bottle of water each day until I completely stopped drinking soda. Why did I stop soda? I learned how bad it is for the body. You can flavor water with fruit to make it taste better. Sometimes I add an electrolyte powder called Ultima that comes in many different flavors. There is nothing bad in it and it tastes good. Drink enough water to have light-to-clear urine.

Exercise and bodywork

Are some exercises better than others to move your lymph? Maybe. I have heard a trampoline is good for moving your lymph. However, any body movement will get your lymph moving (walk, cycle, swim, hike, and so on).

Bodywork techniques are an option as well. The techniques I use have a sequence specific for lymph drainage. Sometimes the body needs this to help “unclog” the lymph system, even if you are exercising and eating healthy.

The lymph system really is important

Even though our lymph system is usually not top of mind when thinking about our health, it is an important system of the body that helps remove waste. Some of the symptoms of a poorly circulating lymph system from the MayoClinic website are swelling, feeling of tightness, restricted range of motion, achiness, and recurring infections. Start making small changes to improve your lymph system, and start feeling great!








Photos courtesy of Chris Cosby and Pixabay.com



Christine Cosby, CHC, EP, PBP, LMBT

As the owner of Holistic Body Therapies, I seek to improve my client’s health and movement with nutritional support & bodywork techniques. I am proud to offer bodywork, nutritional support, and health coaching to my clients.  The two primary bodywork techniques I use are Bowen and Emmett Techniques, which help to reset the nervous system using light touch. In addition to these techniques, I am also excited to offer nutritional guidance to my clients as a certified health coach with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.




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