Self-Care: Relaxation during Stressful Times

Stress seems to be very high in general these days. We desperately need to make sure that we take time for some self-care and allow our bodies to relax. Here are a few ways for your body to experience rest and relaxation that are easy to do.


What do you do every second of the day without even thinking about it? Breathe, of course! There are several types of exercises to help you breathe better. There are breathing techniques that help the body transition into relaxation and rest. You can easily Google different breathing exercises and find a plethora of information. If you are physically able, go into the child’s pose from yoga and take 10 long breaths to help relax the whole body. I have used this at times when my lower back is achy. Make sure you don’t cause yourself to hyperventilate by breathing too quickly.

Chris Cosby doing bodywork on a client

Get bodywork done

If you are unable to do yoga or breathe in such a way that allows the body to relax, don’t worry. Not everyone is able to do those things. Here’s another idea to help the body move into relaxation and rest. Try having some form of bodywork done. Again, there are a vast array of bodywork techniques out there. Find the one that resonates with you the best. I personally have had several types of bodywork done on me and my favorites thus far are Bowen and Emmett Techniques. I like them so much that I decided to become a practitioner of them. These techniques are used to address the whole body. A gentle, light touch is mainly used, and the techniques work deep within the body.

Listen to music

Not quite sure you are ready to have some bodywork done? How about music? Listening to music can be very relaxing to the body and even help you sleep, too. Spend some time finding music that helps you relax the mind and body. How about some steel drums from the islands? Can you hear it? So relaxing! You could also listen to music that you might hear when in a bodywork session that helps you to relax during the session.


Stay healthy and relaxed

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for your body to go into the relaxation and rest mode at least once a day. You will wear yourself out if you don’t. I hope one of these ideas will be of help to you during times of stress. Stay healthy and relaxed!



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Christine Cosby, CHC, EP, PBP, LMBT

As the owner of Holistic Body Therapies, I seek to improve my client’s health and movement with nutritional support & bodywork techniques. I am proud to offer bodywork, nutritional support, and health coaching to my clients.  The two primary bodywork techniques I use are Bowen and Emmett Techniques, which help to reset the nervous system using light touch. In addition to these techniques, I am also excited to offer nutritional guidance to my clients as a certified health coach with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.




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