Exchange Club of Mooresville-Lake Norman Part 2 of 3

Leading Through Adversity: Providing Community Support During COVID-19

In part 1, Cheryl Barrett shared with us their mission, how to join their meetings, and one of their programs —Americanism. In part two, Barrett continues to describe their programs and LKNConnect Non-profit Director Margi Kyle interviews outgoing President Beth Packard. In part 3 (in 2 weeks), Kyle interviews incoming President Paul Summerville about what will be happening in 2021. — EH Stafford, Managing Editor


The mission is: “Exchange, inspiring communities to become better places to live,” with their core values of “family, community and country.”


Beth Packard, President of the Exchange Club of Mooresville-Lake Norman, is just one strong leader with a team of extraordinary officers supported by an amazing membership.


LKNConnect Non-profit Director Margi Kyle interviews President Beth Packard



Community Service

Community needs escalated and creative ideas grew implementing safety considerations for all. Two large food collections for FeedNC in Mooresville occurred in the parking lot near Alino’s Pizza. The second one doubled the pounds of food provided due to a media blast to various community outlets — greater then 1200 pounds!

Watchman of the Streets supplies supporting the homeless were collected at the same site providing needed tents, pillows, blankets, and more were also collected.

Santa for Seniors, now an innovative program, re-designed with minimal contact, provides support for Home Instead seniors. An online link was provided to an angel tree where you could select a light representing a need for a senior. Clicking on the light took you to Amazon where you could purchase the item(s) of need listed by a senior which would be mailed directly to their residence for delivery.

Prevention of Child Abuse program supports the Pharos Parenting with a gifts and party. This year gifts were delivered to the Pharos Parenting staff along with baking kits supporting family activities.


Youth Programs

Although the Buddy Bench for schools’ program is on hold due to safety restrictions on school grounds, here are two opportunities supporting the youth in our area:

Honor a Youth of the Quarter continued with submissions from organizations identifying a youth who has overcome adversity. This year a new activity was been added — a fundraiser. Gingerbread Houses, 108 to be exact, were sold creating a family-friendly activity to support those looking to engage with their children (who are home a lot now), as well as raising money for future committee events.


More in Part 3 on January 28th

LKNConnect’s Director of Non-profits Margi Kyle interviews incoming President Paul Summerville on what the Exchange Club will be doing in 2021.


How to JOIN the club and support your community.

There are more opportunities to support the Mooresville Lake Norman community than those above. If you or anyone you know has been looking for a way to connect and give back, come join us.

Go to our website at for more information. Select “join our club” under the ‘menu’ section for an application to get you started, leave an email on the ‘contact us’ menu selection or call the number posted.


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Cheryl A. Barrett, RN, MSN, NC-BC, is a retired nurse with 30-plus years in a variety of settings: clinical bedside in ICU, staff educator, academic instructor both didactic and clinical, supervisor, home care education, editorial director of a nursing magazine and is a board certified integrative nurse coach.





In 2018 she published Good Grief: Strategies for Building Resilience and Supporting Transformation, inspired by the death of her husband. She won the American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year, 2018 in the category of Palliative Care and Hospice for her book. She is currently creating a companion workbook for those experiencing grief and loss.




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