Stay at home

I hope you are all aware of the Shelter-in-Place proclamation for Mecklenburg County that we received this afternoon. I, like many of you, watched as Charlotte’s county officials made the announcement Tuesday afternoon. (Click here to see the full proclamation.) Under the proclamation, everyone is to stay at home. Stores that sell groceries and medicine, and certain other businesses and nonprofit organizations are permitted to stay open, and their employees may drive or travel for work purposes.


Order similar to others around the country

County Manager, Dena Diorio, stated that the “stay-at-home” order is similar to the “shelter-in-place” orders issued by other parts of the country.The Mecklenburg County’s order will be in effect for the next three weeks, starting 8 a.m. Thursday, March 26, 2020


No gatherings of more than 10

Public and private gatherings of more than 10 people are banned under Mecklenburg’s order, superseding a prior directive that limited gatherings to 50 individuals. The proclamation permits “leaving the home for essential activities,” which include seeking medical care or going to care for a friend or loved one.


Class 2 misdemeanor

In essence, the proclamation reinforces the stay-at-home practices already being observed.The difference is that now violators can be arrested for a Class 2 misdemeanor. Local and county officials have urged local citizens to take the coronavirus seriously.


“The higher level of compliance we get with this proclamation, the shorter it will be.” —County Manager Dena Diorio adds our support

LKNConnect logoLKNConnect is in full compliance with the proclamation and understands the severity of the coronavirus. In addition, LKNConnect will add its support by pledging to help all local businesses promote their products and services throughout the Lake Norman Area.

Interested businesses should contact LKNConnect at:


Messages from Community Leaders

“To all my neighbors: please continue to be proactive, prudent, and take precautions to protect yourselves and each other. By working together as a community, we will come out of this crisis stronger!”  —Cornelius Mayor Woody Washam, Announcement March 20, 2020


“We are all working together to ensure your safety and protect your health and well-being.” —Mooresville Mayor Miles Atkins (See full video here.)


“I could never be any prouder to be the Mayor of Huntersville than I am today. Watching our citizens pulling together, volunteering at food banks, the incredible acts of kindness…” —Huntersville Mayor John Aneralla (See the full video here.)


Update on coronavirus cases in North Carolina from Senator Natasha Marcus

“As of this morning [March 24, 2020], there are 398 cases in North Carolina and 0 deaths. 48 counties have cases. There are 29 COVID-19 patients hospitalized in North Carolina. So far it appears that about 20% of the people who contract the virus require hospitalization.
So far, the state has conducted 8,502 tests and is awaiting results for another approximately 10,000 tests. It has been confirmed that community spread is now occurring in NC.
The best thing to do right now is to practice social distancing and only leave your home when strictly necessary. If you feel sick, please behave as if you have the virus and take all possible steps to avoid spreading it.”



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