By Don Cohen
System Designer for Audio Advice




Think of your cell phone from 20 years ago—you could make calls with it, but that was about all. Look at your phone now—you can call, text, take pictures and video, send and receive email, and access an unlimited amount of information from anywhere in the world. This is what makes your phone “Smart.”


What you can do

Control your shades automatically!

The same improvements in technology that made this revolution possible are having the same impact on our homes. We can now control lighting, heating and air conditioning, door locks, window shades, surveillance cameras, security systems—all with a touch of a button on a phone or tablet. Taking this one step further, we can also simply give voice commands and make our homes do what we want.


And what is truly “smart” is that not only can these devices be controlled individually, but they can be connected together. For example, when I leave my house, I can give a single command that will turn the lights off, adjust the thermostat, arm the security system, and lock the door.


When I return home, another command will open the garage door, unlock the door, turn off the security system, and turn on the lights.


When you’re not at home

Control your smart home from a single screen


A smart home can also be important when traveling. A vacation mode can be programmed for the lights, thermostats, etc, to save money and give the impression that the house is still occupied. You can also “check-in” on your home in real-time with cameras set up inside and outside your home.


What can be done is limited only by your imagination!




New or existing home

Each button can control something different!


Smart home technology can be installed when building a new home which is becoming increasingly popular. But it can also be retrofitted to existing homes as well. This technology will make your home more secure, safe and fun—in addition to adding to its resale value.


How do I make my home “smart?”

Many companies are getting into this growing field. There is a wide variety of products coming to market. The large selection makes it confusing and challenging for most homeowners to choose the right equipment. Getting all of this technology installed, with the different devices talking to each other, requires considerable expertise.




A home integrator company can become crucial—you want your smart home to be easy to operate. You want it to do the things you want to make your life easier and more enjoyable. You want it to be reliable. And you want dependable support to adjust your smart home to your changing needs and quickly address any issues that might come up.


How can I learn more?

Welcome to your smart home



We added smart home technology to our home in Mooresville several months ago. I would be happy to demonstrate how this works, and allow you to experience for yourself what this is all about!







Don Cohen practiced Ophthalmology in Mooresville for 34 years. Following his retirement, he started working with Audio Advice. This is the largest home integrator company in NC/SC, now serving Lake Norman. He has had a decades long passion for technology of all types, and enjoys sharing, and teaching others about how to put these capabilities to work for them. Contact him at 704-534-9096 or