Serve only the best for Mom.

Mother’s Day is Sunday and the time for mimosas and Bloody Marys has arrived. While there are many store-bought mixes, give Mom the best! Make it from scratch. There are many options to purchase for the perfect cocktail that hits all five taste sensations on your palate.

The problem with store bought mix

Here is the problem with store bought Bloody Mary mix. They are what is know as shelf stable. These are products that would normally require refrigeration to maintain freshness and preserve its life. They are in a sealed container, loaded with preservatives and other things you would not want in your food.

If you are trying to watch what you are ingesting, and I think we all are right now, this is not the way to make a great drink. Making your own mix also lets you customize the ultimate drink to your palate.

My recipe for one Bloody Mary


2 oz. Titos Vodka

3 oz. V8

3 oz. Campbell’s Tomato Juice

3 heavy dashes Worcestershire Sauce

3 heavy dashes Tabasco Sauce

½ tsp. stone ground mustard

½ tsp. Horseradish

1 pinch of Kosher Salt and Black Pepper


In a pint glass, fill half with ice.

Add all the ingredients and shake vigorously.

Fill the glass with ice.

Garnish with lemon and lime wedges, olives, a slice of bacon and a celery stalk. If you like it a little more on the spicy side, add more hot sauce to taste.

Fun with garnishes

You can always get a little crazy with your garnishes. I have seen everything from deviled eggs, to whole fried chickens. Have fun with it!!

Adam Arlen, Sommelier

Adam Arlen: “I am passionate about wine because it is history in a bottle.” Originally from Allentown, PA, he believes you should always branch out and find new things. His goal is to never stop learning and continuing to grow both personally and professionally. A fun fact about him: “I was a nuclear engineer on a submarine in a previous life.”

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