If you, or your friends, are looking for the perfect gift and, you can’t find it here …. it probably doesn’t exist!

Looking for something new and different this year for Christmas Fashion, Accessories or Furniture? Well, look no further. The Perfect Home & Gift has it all and is located at 9755-A Sam Furr Rd. Huntersville, NC.28078. Their phone number is 980-689-2350.

Stephanie Rapp is the owner. She is a Fashion Designer by Trade, and also has a strong eye for selecting the perfect gift or outfit. Fashion at its BEST! As an Interior Designer and Fashion Designer, I appreciate her talents. This is the store where you first let your eyes do the work and find something you are strongly attracted to.

Shopping at Christmas time can be overwhelming. In that case, decide what you are looking for and zoom into that section. If it is fashion, go to the back and break it down into bite size areas. If it is Christmas Decorations, cut the store into 4 sections and look at one at a time. Don’t try to take it all in at once. There is too much to see and you could get confused. I always let my eyes and heart do the shopping.  

As you enter the store, you are welcomed by an explosion of Holiday Greetings.

Down to the very last Holiday Accent, it is all under one Roof- The Perfect Home & Gift.

If for some reason, this year you are not feeling the Holiday Spirit you will, after leaving The Perfect Home & Gift. In fashion, from shoes to earrings- you can create the perfect look. And in home furnishings, from the serving plates, napkin rings, to the sofa you sit on, it is all here.    

This year a Colorful Christmas is in Vogue!

 I can always find something different in the Fashion Department! 

From the main outfit down to your toes with shoes.

When you find what you love- buy it. If you wait too long it will be gone.

This year needs to be a special holiday season. Buy one outfit, in a color you would not necessarily wear and have fun with it. Dare to be different. Step out of the box and add some sparkle to your life and outfit!

Bring on the BLING!
All this and more—under one roof!
Image Courtesy: LKNConnect

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