MOORESVILLE NC: Ace Hardware is a hidden treasure located at 1082 Brawley School Road next to the Food Lion.


Left to right:  Samantha Arquitt, Lisa Willis, Owner Denise Takes and JC Calderone.


“Ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks.”


In the beginning


Perhaps you have seen this versatile store and maybe you have even shopped at Ace—However, did you know it is managed by a woman? Denise Cole Takes and her husband Jim moved to Mooresville in 2002 when their children were toddlers. In 2012, Takes decided to branch out of her comfort zone and opened this store.




Challenging times

In hindsight, she admits, “It was a terrible year to open anything on Brawley School Road because the road was under construction at that time.” People who lived in the area during those years painfully remember the congestion and horrendous traffic.  “Thankfully,” Takes adds, “the residents of Mooresville value small businesses and showed up to support us.  To this day, I am still in awe of how great our town is!”



Stocking thousands of hardware items

Takes currently employs twenty people including several teenagers from Lake Norman High School. In addition to stocking thousands of hardware items, Takes also has two bonus reasons to go to her store: a Post Office and a fantastic gift aisle.



The Post Office inside Ace Hardware

Ace Employee JC Calderone helping a customer at the Post Office inside Ace Hardware.



Located in the back of Ace Hardware is a Post Office. Takes states, “It is open every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. except Sunday. There is usually NO line and it is convenient, quick and friendly! Our pick up each day is at 3 p.m.”











“The perfect gift aisle”

Most shoppers think of a hardware store as an ‘anything you need for the home or yard from paint to tools to grass seed to nuts & bolts.’ However, the owner of this Ace Hardware has a creative eye and phenomenal insight to what a shopper might enjoy. Takes stocks a treasure chest of amazing gifts. When she first started the gift aisle, it was only a few shelves of cute items; however, the gift aisle is currently the entire center of the store:  the perfect place to pick up a personal present for a friend, a new neighbor, a child of any age, a creative trinket to give as a hostess gift, plus an incredibly large selection of Lake Norman décor (made locally.) Many have dubbed it ‘The Perfect Gift Aisle.’ [Shown above.]



Expertise and great products

Owner Denise Takes demonstrates The Green Egg grill.


When asked about the most popular hardware store items, Takes quickly responds, “Benjamin Moore is a great year-round seller because its reputation for quality paint and color selection ensures repeat customers.”  Takes adds, “Stihl products are one of the best things we offer!  These tools are well made.” In addition, Takes claims, “We live in an area that has hard water and tends to stain glass shower doors and tiles.  I spent years looking for a product that would clean shower doors properly. Bio Clean is one of the best kept secrets that I sell.  This product works almost effortlessly!”


We are truly grateful

Takes proudly highlights her employees, “The staff at Ace is an AMAZING TEAM!” They know and understand the Ace philosophy of being ACE helpful and they work to make sure that our customers are always our priority.” Takes adds with a smile, “However, we exist simply because our customers recognize and value small business owners. For this, we are truly grateful.”




Join us for our Annual Ladies Night Out party

In the spirit of giving back to the community, Takes hosts an Annual Ladies Night Out party. This year, it is Thursday, December 5th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Ladies!  You do not want to miss this festive, fun event. Takes says, “We do it to celebrate our fabulous female customers, to show off our professionally decorated Christmas trees and to give women the opportunity to slow down during the hectic holiday season, relax and mingle with other women.” Mark your calendars! Come! It’s FREE. It’s fun! Bring a friend! Enjoy!




Photos by Tesa Jones

Tesa Jones is an Elon University alumna, retired teacher, wife, and mother of two. Although she lived most of her life in Alexandria, Virginia, she now resides in Mooresville, North Carolina. In addition to being a published author, Jones is very active in her church, adores her grandchildren, and enjoys boating, writing, and photography.