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Current series: gathering data about what’s going on with your business’ online presence.

Sessions, users, traffic, and more. What do those terms mean? How do you take that data and translate it into strategy that produces results? This series of articles will discuss that. — George Paul III


Getting Started

Every business is different. It would be difficult to discuss specific actions for your business without knowing more about your target audience and their habits. To illustrate, I will use one of our brands, Cherished Keepsakes (CK), to discuss the data and our specific strategy to address it. From there, you can extract principals to apply in your business. Let’s get started.


Google Search Performance

This tool is sent to me by Google to let me know how I rank when the CK URL comes up. This is just a snapshot of the beginnings of what’s going on with CK’s online presence. The URL showed up in Google 4,480 times. I appeared on the first page in Google only 3 of those times. Translation: we rank very poorly. However, of those 4.48K impressions, people clicked to our site 71 times. That could mean people are clicking on our images since they can search via images as well.


Top Growing Pages Section

Most people are going to my home page naturally. The other page that seems to catch people’s attention is the Wallet Prayer Card Page. Another item of note is that several people are downloading a form that we have on our website. The form is a tool that helps them put together the content for their funeral programs. If downloads increase, that could indicate that we’re addressing a problem families are having. That means we should begin considering producing more similar content for download, which would increase our rankings.


Queries Section

This section is telling me the actual terms that people are searching to find the solution to their problem. I say “solution” because they may or may not be looking specifically for CK or our products. But they are looking for something in that range and CK is showing up. These queries tell me what terms and phrases to include in my website’s content that will boost my rankings organically.


Audience Section

This section is straightforward. It tells me what devices people are using when they go through my site. Most are using mobile and desktop. That is understandable since many families are searching us after they leave a Funeral Home. Or perhaps they have gathered the info they need for their keepsakes which is on their desktop. They are looking to place an order with the best solution they find. Most are from the US and a few from other countries.


Initial Strategy Points

Disclaimer: Most of CK’s revenue is not web based. So I pay attention to it and fix the small things that will help make the UX (user experience) easier. If it were my goal to increase online revenue, then this whole strategy would change. One thing I already knew is that the site was extremely outdated and has since been updated. So I EXPECT these numbers to improve. Thus, I’ll be monitoring this data to confirm my expectations or give me clues to where issues are creeping up. Here are my strategy points:


  1. Determine My Goal: first page impressions on top selling products by bringing in a SEO expert to handle that.
  2. Examine My Google Analytics Report: to see how people are exploring my site to determine my bounces (where people are leaving).
  3. Examine How the Site Looks on Several Mobile Devices: to ensure the UX isn’t difficult.
  4. Continue to Improve the UX for Products That Can Be Ordered via Mobile.


I hope these tips will be helpful. Please come back in two weeks. My next article will break down my Google Business listing. Cheers.



Images courtesy of George Paul III and Pixabay.


George Paul III


George Paul III is a branding expert and award-winning designer. He’s the Founder of Seize the Brand, an education platform designed to empower business owners by leveraging the power of branding to realize business and life goals.




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