The Davidson Town Board Meeting’s top agenda item on Tues., Feb, 12, was a presentation by Ben Taylor, project manager from engineering firm Kimley-Horn, about NCDOT projects U-5907 (extends Potts St. to Sloan St. and adds a roundabout at the intersection of Sloan St. and Griffin St.) and U-5873 (improves NC 115/Main St. intersection and includes a roundabout at Davidson St. and Potts St.). Prior to the board meeting, from 4-6pm, NCDOT and Kimley-Horn representatives were onsite for a public meeting to discuss the details of both these projects. Approximately 40 residents attended.

“Great turnout. A lot of positive comments about the projects. We spoke to many people who want to maintain good pedestrian access to the areas.”—Brett Canipe, Deputy Division Engineer, NCDOT


Brett Canipe, deputy division engineer from NCDOT, standing by the presentation board for project U-5907 in Davidson. He was available to discuss project details in a public meeting on February 12.


Members of the public requested a hawk signal at the proposed roundabout for the Sloan St./Griffin St. intersection to make it safer for pedestrians walking to the park. A hawk signal, also known as a pedestrian hybrid beacon, allows pedestrians to push a button that will change the traffic signal to red to ensure a safe crossing. Doug Wright, project and public works manager for the Town of Davidson, confirmed that the city is considering a plan to fund the hawk signals.


The engineering plans are approximately 65% complete on both projects. The Town of Davidson will continue to work with Kimley-Horn and NCDOT to address residents’ concerns and complete the project plans. Project Manager Taylor estimates the current cost of construction at ± $2 million with a right-of-way cost at ± $700,000. The current schedule calls for working on the right-of-way and real estate issues through 2019 with construction beginning in the summer of 2020.


The second agenda topic was a presentation by Jason Moore, a representative from Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS), on plans for the North Corridor, which extends from Charlotte to Mooresville. Plans for light rail or commuter service on what is called the Red Line have been postponed indefinitely due to the change in policy by Norfolk Southern who owns the existing railway in the North Corridor. In the short term, CATS recommends continued express lane bus service improvements, with a medium-term goal of implementing I-77 Rapid Transit Service from Charlotte Gateway Station to Mooresville. Improvements would include all-day service (including nights and weekends), four new park-and-rides, and two new express-lane direct connects. To view the presentation, visit the CATS website.


North Corridor Planning History from 1998-2016. Norfolk Southern passenger rail policy was changed in 2013 from cooperating with CATS on the Red Line passenger service to denying the use of their tracks for passenger use.


Other agenda topics included:

  • Davidson Commons East Lot 4D, Map Amendment Pre-development Consultation
  • River Run Phase VI Pre-conditional Development Consultation
  • Villages at South Main Master Plan Amendment Consultation
  • Downtown Community Gathering Space Update
  • Board of Commissioners Quarterly Meeting – March 5
  • Consider Approval of Budget Amendment 2019-21 to provide funds for the purchase of 153/155 Mock Road Home to the Davidson Housing Coalition


Davidson Town Board meetings are open to the public and occur on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month. The agenda, meeting minutes, and links to audio and video recordings of the meetings can be viewed on the town’s website. See exact meeting dates and times on the calendar. Contact information for Davidson’s mayor and board of commissioners is available in the staff directory.