Savings: Unlock the Secrets to Saving at the Hair Salon

Winter Blues: Cold Weather, Little Money and Bad Hair Days.

Drew Horton knows his stuff

January brings cold weather, the end of the holiday season, and unfortunately, financial strain. It’s no wonder that your hair is also feeling a little lackluster. I’m here to the rescue, I’m Drew Horton, hair stylist extraordinaire and salon owner for two decades! If you’re searching for ways to save money or maximize your salon experience, I’ve got the solutions for you. In this article I’m going to give you some tips and tricks to help you save big at your next visit to your favorite salon. 

Tip 1: Have honest conversations with your stylist.

A good stylist listens to your wants and needs

Hairdressers are budgeting experts as we typically work on a 100% commission-based salary, where no work means no pay. We understand the feast or famine lifestyle and do not receive employee benefits, such as paid vacations, health benefits, or year-end bonuses. Therefore, stylist have the experience to help when money gets tight. Start a conversation with your stylist and ask for tips to extend the time between appointments. You can also inform your hairdresser of your budget and hair goals to assist them in designing a style that works for you. In the end they are in this business because they are people pleasers and aim to make people happy.

Creating Hair Styles that work for you!

Tip 2: Ask about special pricing.

Don’t hesitate to ask your stylist about special pricing options. Some salons offer reduced rates for services like skipping a blow dry or getting just a hairline retouch. The hairline retouch is a popular way to save, it covers the regrowth area around your face and down your part, giving you a refreshed look without breaking the bank. A great tip for the blonde highlight client is try getting a base adjust between highlights. This is an easy way to lighten the base color up to 1 level of color to reduce the contrast.

Tip 3: Follow your stylist or salon on social media for last minute deals.

Another way to score last-minute deals or appointments is by following your stylist on social media or subscribing to their email list. (shameless plug Instagram: @drewdoesmyhair) Occasionally, stylists may offer discounts for filling last-minute cancellations, so keep an eye out! Additionally, many salons advertise promotions during slower months, so be sure to check all their platforms for month long deals. Lastly, ask if there are package discounts for booking more than one service. For example, sometimes you can add a haircut to a color service for half price because the color service already includes the shampoo and style.

Tip 4: Invest in your hair for longer lasting results.

They know the best products for your hair!

Maximizing the Benefits of Salon-Quality Hair Products

While salon-grade hair products can be more expensive, they are worth the investment if used correctly. They can extend the time between appointments and even save you a few haircuts a year. Consult your stylist for advice on how to use your products properly. Salon-quality shampoos and conditioners have high concentrations, so use less product and more water to create a better lather. This will help you save on product and make it last longer. Conversely, some over-the-counter shampoos can damage your hair, resulting in more costly repairs in the future or more frequent visits for a quick trim.

Tip 5: Be open to change.

This is probably the most helpful tip I can offer. Consider making a few changes to your style. Lowering the contrast in colors can help extend your look. Using demi-permanent color can help soften the line of demarcation, and adding highlights to gray hair can help mask the regrowth line. Be open to trying new styles!

Add a touch of fun color!


To sum up, the key strategies for saving money on salon visits include engaging in open conversations with your stylist, maintaining proper hair care between appointments, and being open to making necessary adjustments. By following these steps, you’re sure to get more value, or should I say “bangs,” for your buck! For more questions or for a free consultation feel free to visit my website at

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The views, thoughts and opinions expressed by our writers belong solely to them
and do not represent, its publisher or its staff.