I love football. I played touch football in college, and I’ve watched the NFL since the 1970s. I’ve had several favorite teams, mostly following my favorite quarterbacks—Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, and Phil Simms. About the time the Panthers’ franchise started, I moved to the Lake Norman region. Now, every Sunday, I am glued to the screen watching our favorite “Cardiac Cats.” We usually have a couple of friends over, make great food, and clap and yell at the television.


While I love the coziness of my home, sometimes I like to try something different. There are many great places to watch the games—and quite a few of them subscribe to the NFL Ticket so you can see your favorite team even if they aren’t presented on our local channels.


Check out our list and let us know in the comments where you like to watch your NFL team!



Fox and Hound Pub & Grille 8711 Lindholm Dr., 704-895-4504


Duckworth’s Grill and Taphouse 16609 Statesville Rd., 704-237-4387


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Killington’s Restaurant & Pub 10010 Rose Commons Dr., 704-948-3770


The Kilted Buffalo 8625 Townley Rd. (Birkdale Village), 704-892-7571 (Also a barber shop—you can have a beer while you get your haircut!)



Jack’s Corner Tap 8301 Magnolia Estates Dr., 704-892-4433


Proscuitto’s Pizzeria & Pub 20920 Torrence Chapel Rd., 704-439-4444


Mac’s Speed Shop 19601 Liverpool Pkwy., 704-892-3554


Al’s Bar & Grille 8321 Magnolia Estates Dr., 704-987-6582



Brickhouse Tavern 209 Delburg St., 704-987-2022



Kickback Jack’s 123 Ervin Rd., 704-677-7288


The Kilted Buffalo Langtree 119 Landings Dr., Ste. 101, 704-237-3592 (another location where you can have a beer while you get your haircut!)


Duckworth’s Grill & Taphouse 16609 Statesville Rd., 704-237-4387


Hotshots Sports Bar & Grill 247 E Plaza Dr., 704-799-0748